We’ll have Remote Homeschool as long as we have students to fill the spots!

Because little ninjas are not good coworkers!

To All Our Chamberlain Studios Karate Families,

I hope this email finds you and your families doing well and staying healthy amid the Covid-19 Pandemic! We are at the end of Summer 2020, and with the announcement today about DISD running the first 4 weeks of school Online only (and for those of you choosing to home school your children) we wanted to reach out to you regarding the Fall 2020 Semester and what Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense is able to offer for your children!


Starting September 8th, if your child is doing distance learning, and you choose not to keep them at home, we are offering “Remote Home School Camps”! This gives your kids a safe place to go during the day. Camp sizes will be small, and kids will have the opportunity to do their schoolwork/zoom calls, etc, but will also have morning & afternoon sessions of karate (ie – physical activity!).

Please share this information with your friends, and remember due to smaller class these will fill quickly!

Registration for this is now available:


We have After School Karate for your kids These memberships include one 15 minute online private lesson each week for your child!

Register online here for this program:

For those students who participated in after school programs at their school (such as Mockingbird, Greenhill, Good Shepherd, etc), these programs will restart as conditions allow. In the meantime, train with us at the dojos or on Zoom!

During the Covid-19 shutdown and restrictions, Chamberlain Studios has become experts at interactive Zoom online group classes, private lessons, and even belt tests for our students! We have also been successfully running COMBINED Zoom online & in-person classes, outdoor classes in the park and summer camps in our dojos!

We look forward to seeing you in class! For more information about these programs, please visit our website here: www.DallasKenpo.com or email us at Info@DallasKenpo.com


Professor Nick Chamberlain
Owner / Head Instructor
Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense TM

Kids’ Belt Test – September 25, 2020

Our next Kids’ belt test is September 25, 2020, online over Zoom. Consult the Student Portal for details for how to login for the test.

Once your child has earned all 6 colored stripes on their belt (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White & Black), they will be invited by their instructor to test. If you have questions regarding your child’s readiness to test, please speak with your child’s primary instructor or send us a message at: Info@DallasKenpo.com

Remember that the Student Portal has video instruction for most curriculum techniques & kata (forms), and more are being added weekly. This is a great resource for your kids to review their skills before the test. Also, don’t forget to schedule their weekly 15min Online Private lessons!

Blue Stripe = Kata (forms)
Red Stripe = Punch Defenses
Green Stripe = Grab Defenses
Yellow Stripe = Weapon Defenses
White Stripe = Book Reports & Vocabulary
Black Stripe = Grappling

Family Workout Day, 9/26!

Join us at Flag Pole Hill or Bachman Lake Park this Saturday morning (9/26) at 9am for a fun FAMILY workout!

ALL family members are encouraged to participate in the kids classes at 9am! You’ll be kicking, punching, learning some of the techniques that will be covered in October, and more!

Wear your workout clothes and be prepared to have fun with your karate kids!

Adult Belt Test

Sadly, Covid has prevented us from attending our annual Warrior Weekend for this year, but, we will still be gathering at the Bachman Lake Dojo for our October Adult Belt Test.  See below for those details, and we look forward to returning to Warrior Weekend in 2021!
                              Date: Saturday Oct. 3rd, 2020
                              Time: 11a – 3p (In Person & Online)
                              Location: Bachman Lake Dojo & Bachman Lake Park
Book reports for this test were due this past Saturday 9/19.  If you have not yet turned in your report but plan on testing, please contact your lead instructor ASAP to get your report in!

For this belt test, if you are training in a dedicated “pod”, you will be able to demonstrate your techniques using contact within your pod.  If you prefer to do your test using “shadow partners” that is also okay!  We will also have a ZOOM test which will run concurrently with the in-person test.

In-town students who wish to test via Zoom please send the dojo an email to let us know you’ll be on that list.  A separate Email with the Zoom information will be sent the week prior to the test to those testing online.