Instructor Training


By joining our Instructor Training Program, you will receive FREE TRAINING and we will pay YOU to teach karate at your school!

Come and join the #1 martial arts instructor team! Since 1981, Chamberlain Studios has been providing school teachers with the training, knowledge and materials needed to leverage their education and experience into a rewarding side gig as a martial arts instructor.

You already have the background needed as an educator. We can teach you everything else you need to know to be a great after-school karate instructor! After school classes are typically held one day per week, on-site, at your location.

No prior sports or martial arts training is necessary, just desire, commitment, and willingness to learn.

Our instructor training program is designed for the person that wants to become more involved in the martial arts.  It will enable you to either help out with class or to become a fully qualified instructor and run classes yourself, it’s your choice how involved you become!

The program involves ongoing instruction in our regular adult classes, private instruction with our Black Belt instructors plus our monthly instructor training classes.

The instructor training program can be a fun way to become more involved in the martial arts as well as learning how to become a teacher and sensei.

We are always looking for kind, considerate individuals who are interested in helping others realize their potential in the martial arts.

Call us for more information at (214) 351-5367 or email us at