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40th Anniversary

Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense is in our 40th year of providing martial arts education for children and adults. Under the instruction of Grandmaster Chamberlain, our system features modern techniques combined with traditional training methods.

Kids Kenpo Karate

Karate is a great recreational activity; it provides good exercise and self-discipline, builds confidence, and establishes achievable goals. Our Kids Karate classes incorporate the 3-Steps to a Great Kid™ character development program.

The emphasis of the program is respect; respecting the instructors, the school, and fellow students.

Adult Kenpo Karate

The primary style of martial arts taught at Chamberlain Studios of Self-Defense™ is Gasan Ryu™ Kenpo: a practical, efficient, and easy to learn system that incorporates the kicking and punching of Karate, the throws, locks and mat-work of Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, the explosive striking power of Kenpo, and the hand techniques of western boxing. It was developed by Grand Master Nick Chamberlain after 25 years of training with some of the world’s best martial arts instructors.

Upcoming Events

27 Sep, Tuesday
Instructor Meeting & Training

Join us on the last Wednesday of every month for the instructor meeting and training. Our instructor training program is designed for the person that wants to become more involved in the martial arts.  It will enable you to either help out with class or to become a fully qualified instructor and run classes yourself, it’s your choice how involved…

30 Sep, Friday
Warrior Weekend 2022

Warrior Weekend is the annual Black Belt test for Chamberlain Studios.  Testing includes both Mudansha (colored belts) and Yudansha (graded ranks in Black Belt) levels in Gasan Ryu Kenpo.  The event is done largely outdoors at a facility that contains the elements of: reasonably priced housing, water access, open level ground, commercial kitchen space and indoor space for demonstrations and the promotion ceremony.

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Warrior Weekend details, Kids Belt Test Sept 23

Warrior Weekend details, Kids Belt Test Sept 23

Upcoming Dojo Events September 23rd - Kids Belt Test, 6:30 PM September 30 to October 2 - Warrior Weekend 2022: Dojo Closed! October 6th - Leadership class ...and our app launches immediately! Adult Students, Register Now: Warrior Weekend 2022 September 30 - October 2, 2022 Lone Oak Ranch & Retreat, Gainesville, Texas During Warrior Weekend, we bring our ohana together…
Labor Day, Fall Registration, and our New App!

Labor Day, Fall Registration, and our New App!

Upcoming Dojo Events September 1 - Schedule Changes (details below) September 23rd - Kids Belt Test, 6:30 PM September 30 to October 2 - Warrior Weekend 2022 October 6th - Leadership class ...and our app launches immediately! Dojo Closed for Labor Day All dojos are closed Monday for Labor Day, September 5th. Classes will resume on Tuesday. Schedule Changes for…
Warrior Weekend 2022 Registration Now Open!

Warrior Weekend 2022 Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for Warrior Weekend 2022 Friday, September 30th - Sunday, October 3rd Lone Oak Ranch and Retreat, Gainesville, TX At Warrior Weekend 2022, we will bring our ohana together to test, and to celebrate new members of the Yudansha. Please register as soon as possible. You do NOT have to pay in full right now - but…
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“I have been very impressed with the numerous precautions Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense has taken to help combat the spread of Covid-19 at the dojo, and subsequently the community at large….Temperature checks, limiting indoor class sizes, mandatory masks/face coverings, eliminating person to person contact, and the sterilization of the dojo after every class, as well as a deep clean every night…give me the peace of mind I need while I am training at CSSD. The creation of an online training library, inclusion of outdoor training sessions, as well as live Zoom broadcasts for all classes have been invaluable in supplementing my training as well during these challenging times. Kudos to CSSD on a job well done!”

Dr. Faisal F. Chaundry

“I never knew when we signed up for Kenpo at Chamberlain Studios that it would become part of the fabric of our family. All four of us take classes, and kata and grappling are honored family activities. In a way the dojo is just an extension of our home, and the senseis and Shihan are family.”

“…Not only are my sons embracing the art of karate, they have gained confidence, developed respect, and learned perseverance and discipline. I am so thankful that Chamberlain Studios is just as interested in nurturing the character of my children as they are teaching high kicks and hammer fists.”

Elisa Laird

“Working with Chamberlain Studios has been a pleasure. Dr. Chamberlain and his staff are professional educators from start to finish. They not only teach self defense but also good citizenry. The quality of the instruction is excellent and the kids have a great time while learning. I sent my kids to one of their camps and they loved it! I highly recommend the program.”

Mr. Mike Schneider, Director of Summer Camps at the Episcopal School of Dallas

“Went here for a free Self Defense class. They did an amazing job! I recommend this class to everyone.”

Diane Mikkelson

“I just had my son’s birthday party and it was the best party we’ve ever had or ever been to! Thank you again!”
Lucy Meredith