Kung Fu

In addition to our ongoing weekly classes in the martial arts, we currently hold a monthly Kung Fu training series twice a month, on the second Tuesday at our Lakewood location and on the last Wednesday at our Love Field location.

The material covered consists of the training methods and forms taken from the different Kung Fu Masters Dr. Chamberlain has studied with over the last 35 years.   Dr. Chamberlain has been fortunate to train with instructors in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Boston and California.  To save you some travel time, come and try the class!

The series is open to anyone interested and does not require prior experience or training.  Equipment needed will be loose clothing to work out in and the weapons used in the class (some you can borrow and the rest is available for purchase through the school).  We will cover a different Kung Fu form every few months.  The curriculum will include: marching drills, kicking sets, arm conditioning drills, iron palm, chin na, some history on what you are doing, and northern and southern style kung fu forms, including those below.

Have fun, stretch out, help each other and practice between classes or you will get helplessly lost…  See you on the mat!

Northern Eagle Claw
From Master Man Biu Lo, Boston.

Sifu Lo was a student of Lau Fat Mang in Hong Kong. The form is "Die Myin Jeung Kune", the "Great Cotton Palm Fist Set".

Northern Eagle Claw
From Grandmaster Lily Lau

The form is:
"Northern Eagle Claw - Double Daggers"
"Bak Ying Jow - Shoen Bay Sau"

The photo shows Grandmaster Lily Lau daughter of Lau Fat Mang the Eagle Claw Master from Hong Kong
7-Star Northern Praying Mantis
From Master Man Biu Lo, Boston

The photo shows from left to riight, Professor Cerio, Sifu Lo and Professor Chamberlain

The forms are:

Pa Kua Darn Do, "8-Trigram Single Edge Broadsword"
Buck Yuen Tow To, "White Monkey Steals the Peach"
Northern Praying Mantis
From Master Chan Pui, Orlando

The forms were taught to us originaly by Master Rick Beauchamp, a student of Yau Li.

The forms are Wah Lum Kung Fu:

"8-Chain Punch"
"First Form"
"Right Hand Stick"

This clip shows professor Chamberlain demonstrating Right Hand Stick during Kung Fu class!

Northern Shaolin
From Master Cao Man Liang, Beijing

The form is: Ba Chi Chuan, "8-Powers Fist"
Southern Shaolin - Hung Gar
From Master Li Fan Fung from Guang Dong in mainland China

The form was taught to us by sifu Michael Lowney of Boston's Chinatown and here is a link to the video of him performing the set slowly.

Continuously Moving Fist Set

Name "Siu Lum - Ling Gong - Chaw Gup - Kune"
Shaolin - Continuously moving - beginner - Form/Fist

Below is a link to a video of Master Fong and Sifu Lowney in Boston doing a 2-man fist set.

Shaolin Fighting Staff
"Siu Lum Cha Quan"

This is a two man Stick form - Great Fun!

Training with sifu Michael Lowney at the Nam Pai Academy in Chinatown, Boston

Shaolin Kempo

Plum Tree Blocking System