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Dallas Observer Magazine – Best Sweat in Dallas 2008
“After a year of boot camp workouts elsewhere, we thought we were ready for this. Then the CrossFight class started. Running, crawling, kicking, punching, push-ups, sit-ups, jump-rope, weights. It’s a killer 90 minutes that tests every muscle in the body and produces more sweat than a group hug at NFL training camp…”

“Business of the Year” from the East Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Winner of the 2012 Congressman Jeb Hensarling Award for community outreach and service to the local neighborhoods.

White Rock Lake Weekly – Business of the Year / Best Martial Arts Class

Winner of the 2012 Family Choice Award from Metroplex Kids, as voted on by readers and members


Chimney Hill Neighborhood Assaults, June 2013

In June 2013, a man sexually assaulted two women in the Chimey Hill neighborhood of Dallas and Professor Chamberlain conducted a community self-defense workshop.

NBC 5: Dallas Residents Get Self-Defense Training



Lake Highlands Sexual Assaults, spring 2013


In the spring of 2013, a series of sexual assaults rocked the Lake Highlands area of Dallas and Professor Chamberlain conducted self-defense workshops with the community.

The Advocate/Lake Highlands: DPD Meeting on Lake Highlands Rapes

“A self-defense presentation followed by Dr. Nick Chamberlain (shown in the photo), who stressed that your first choice is always to run away and get out of danger…”

The Advocate/Lake Highlands – Photos and Notes from the Community Workshop

“Following a series of violent sexual attacks in the Lake Highlands area, two Lake Highlands groups organized a self defense class at Lake Highlands High School. Instructors from Chamberlain’s studio taught basic moves to the participants…”

CBS 11 News – Lake Highlands Women Taking Self Defense Classes

“Residents in Lake Highlands are taking more precautions after three women were raped in their own homes in the past month. Dozens of women are now turning to self defense classes to feel safe. At Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense, the phone has been ringing off the hook with inquiries about self defense classes…”

NBC5 – Lake Highlands report

Dallas Morning News: Police host community meeting on Lake Highlands assaults

“Deputy Chief Andrew Acord said the police arranged the second meeting in a Lake Highlands High School gym to address lingering questions and concerns and give updates about the three recent unsolved sexual assaults. More than 100 people showed up. The gathering focused mainly on how people could protect themselves. Nick Chamberlain, who runs Chamberlain Studios of Self-Defense, gave an abbreviated demonstration on how to fight off an attacker…”

KENS 5 News San Antonio: Dallas police offer self-defense tips with rapist at large

“A hastily-called meeting Wednesday night to update the public on efforts to solve these crimes became more of a self-defense workshop, with officers askingNick Chamberlain, a self-defense expert, to providetechniquesto residents for fending off potential assailants…”

Dallas Morning News: Neighbors relieved after arrest in lake Highlands rapes

“Women gathered at Lake Highlands High School last week to learn self-defense techniques in light of the sexual assaults in the neighborhood. The Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense offered its services for the class…”


Community Outreach Self Defense Programs

Dallas Morning News: Dallas self-defense class teaches women moves to fend off attackers

“In a shady area of (Tietze) Park, Nick Chamberlain of Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense armed the women — young and old, even some school-age girls — with a couple of fighting moves. He said the moves can be used whether the women are grabbed from the front or behind. “We’re not training you to be cage fighters,” Chamberlain said…”

Park Cities People – Women’s Self Defense at Savage Park on Swiss Avenue, Dallas

“Given all of the reports of sexual assault on the Hilltop, Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense — In partnership with the Panhellenic Sororities of SMU — will host a free self-defense class at 4:30 p.m. Monday in Burleson Park. Nick Chamberlain, founder and owner of  Chamberlain Studios, will be teaching the participants various techniques…”

The Daily Campus – Free Self Defense Classes Offered to Sorority Women

“Before teaching any drills to the estimated 150 to 175 women in the class, head instructor Nick Chamberlain explained a few statistics about the typical sexual assault scenario. In a typical scenario women are attacked by someone they know, and 45 percent of these attacks are date rapes…”

The Daily Campus – Korra Stands Strong – Self Defense Tips and Advice

“Chamberlain has recently been receiving more requests for self-defense workshops. One of those requests came from ‘Girls Rock Dallas’ organization. The rock camp organization empowers girls through music. But this time, it was the instructors that were being empowered; not by music but by self-defense moves…”

Dallas Morning News – 2nd Lake Highlands Self Defense Workshop

“Several hundred women crammed into the Lake Highlands High School gym Wednesday night to learn self-defense techniques in light of the three recent sexual assaults in the area. “No!” the women yelled with each strike and kick they practiced on the gym floor. About two dozen instructors from Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense weaved through the crowd, correcting posture and making suggestions at the free event…”


Events and Happenings

Lakewood Bubble Life: Cold Weather Boot Camp Pushes Participants to Stay Fit – 2013

“After five days of rigorous early morning training last week at the Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense, the some-30 participants celebrated with full buckets of water being dumped on their heads in 30-degree temps. I am not known as a workout person. But when the opportunity arose to participate with my five-year-old son in a one week, once-a-year activity, I jumped at the chance…”

Coppell Student Media – Instructor Bill Parker enlightens students with martial arts

“For the last eight years, Parker has volunteered his time to instruct Judo at Chamberlain Studios of Self-Defense in Dallas. Parker’s eyes light up when he instructs his students in their movements and he takes every moment of instructing seriously…”

Dallas Observer Magazine – “Best Sweat in Dallas”

“After a year of boot camp workouts elsewhere, we thought we were ready for this. Then the CrossFight class started. Running, crawling, kicking, punching, push-ups, sit-ups, jump-rope, weights. It’s a killer 90 minutes that tests every muscle in the body and produces more sweat than a group hug at NFL training camp…”

The Collegian – “Way of Self Defense, Way of Life” – story on Shihan Shane Whitehead

“Karate is a way of life for Whitehead, who said he uses it everyday. He uses it in regards to interacting with people and, when necessary, to de-escalate situations. He said no black belt wants to use karate in real-life situations…”

Advocate Lakewood – Chamberlain Studios Grand Opening

“This Saturday, August 27, the new Chamberlain Studios of Self-Defense in Lakewood is celebrating its grand opening with free classes, demonstrations, free food, drinks and more…”

Lakewood Bubble Life – Lakewood Grand Opening (Photos)

Dallas Child Magazine – A Philanthropic Birthday at Chamberlain Studios

“Gaye, a single mom, says she was looking for a place that would teach her son discipline and respect when she found Chamberlain Studio of Self Defense. After studying martial arts for about a year, Jackson was dead set on celebrating his fifth birthday at the studio with all his friends…”

NBC 5 DFW – News Video of Women from Chamberlain Studios and Karate


Dynamic Chiropractic – November 3rd 1997 – Dr. Eisenberg Addresses “Implications of Alternative Medicine”

“David Eisenberg, MD, came to town Sept. 8-9 to speak to local doctors and the general public on the subject of alternative medicine and its implications to the practice of medical doctors…”

Dynamic Chiropractic – Confederation of State Health Freedom Campaigns Meets Head-on with the Federation of State Medical Boards

“It is plain from this itinerary that alternative medicine might end up being defined as synonymous with health fraud. This thought should concern our profession since we are the number one providers of alternative health care in America….”