Kids Promotional Testing


In Person – Flagpole Hill Park
Online – Zoom


In Person – Last Saturday of Every Month

Zoom – Last Friday of Every Month

What to Bring
  • Your full Gi with school patch sewed on
  • Your obi
  • Book reports (emailed to if testing via Zoom)
  • Permission to test” sheets (emailed to if testing via Zoom)
  • Test fee (free if you are enrolled in regular classes).

All ages have monthly requirements for proficiency in martial arts skills. The colored stripes on your obi represent the different areas of knowledge you have mastered on your way towards your next belt.

Kata: predetermined training set (against imaginary opponent) – Jan, May, Sept

Punches: self defense techniques against a punch – Feb, June, Oct

Grabs: self defense techniques against a grab – March, July, Nov

Weapons: self defense techniques against a weapon – April, Aug, Dec

Grappling: Grappling skills and drills – Every Month

Terms, History, Reports: Other material that rounds out your education – Every Month

When you have all six of the colored skills stripes, you may be promoted to the next rank. Younger students are promoted in class, while students age 7 and up with all of their stripes are eligible for the cumulative belt test on the last Friday of the month. Please see the terminology, reading, and reports list here for details on what you will need for your white stripe.

Belt tests usually take place at Lakewood Dojo, but are currently being held at in person at Flagpole Hill Park or on Zoom due to COVID19 social distancing requirements. In person tests from 10 to 11 am and Zoom tests run from 6:30-8:00pm. The test is cumulative, it covers everything you have learned since day one… not just the recent material.

Although testing is held each month, you could be ready every 4-5 months, depending on attendance and how often you train. If you train at one of our afterschool locations, then the promotions are generally done at the end of the school year at your school. If you train additional days at the dojo, you are eligible to test as soon as you are ready, typically in December and May, so you will progress twice as fast!

Our ninja camps can get you ready even faster! The reason you can progress quickly in these camps is that you get concentrated training, with one day devoted to each color stripe. If you have been out for a while or want to get ahead, then this is a great opportunity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, and email paperwork to