Self-Defense Workshops

Our next bi-annual free community self-defense is happening on Saturday, March 28th, 2020 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the Lakewood Dojo! Click here for more info.

Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense is committed to providing people with the skills they need to remain safe in today’s modern world.

Since 1981, our instructors have offered complete training seminars starting with introductory 2-3 hour sessions all the way to specialized 4-6 week programs.

Twice a year we hold free community self-defense and kids’ stranger danger workshops at our Love Field and Lakewood dojos. In addition, we have other opportunities for training (some free of charge) that come up during the year in conjunction with private groups and these are frequently open to the public.  Further dates and information is available through our Events page.

What is Self-Defense?
Self-defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully prevent, escape, resist and survive violent assaults. A good self-defense course provides psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training.

Why Self-Defense Training?
Self-Defense is more than knowing how to fight back against a physical attack. Participation in self-defense classes encourages you to think in terms of options and choices, develops your awareness and assertiveness skills and provides practice for physical self-defense techniques. A good self-defense class will expand the way you think about violence prevention, help you deal with your fears and enable you to feel more empowered in your life.

Training Options

This is our bi-annual free women’s self-defense workshop led by Professor Nick Chamberlain. Participants will learn techniques to avoid dangerous situations, fend off potential assailants and general self-defense methods and mentalities. Within the workshop attendees can ‘Break a Board for a Buck’ where they are taught how to break a wooden plank with their bare hand; each ‘buck’ benefits a local women’s shelter. And a Dallas Police Department representative will be present with safety tips and a Q&A session for all.

A simultaneous free kid’s stranger danger workshop (ages 4+) led by trained professionals is offered on the 2nd floor gym of the Lakewood dojo which includes martial arts exercises, engaging games and ‘stranger danger’ lessons. A Dallas Police Department representative will be present with safety tips and a Q&A for all.

If you don’t see a time that fits your needs, then try Private Group Instruction.

Get together a small or large group of interested people and we will set up a class for you at your own date and time!  $1500 for a group of 10-20, and $55/person for each additional person. The program consists of a three hour intensive workshop.  Women’s Self Defense programs can be completed at our facilities or onsite at yours.

Contact Us for more details and scheduling.

Private Individual Instructions is with one of our experienced Black Belt instructors. 2-3 hours of training is recommended, typically split up into single hour sessions.

Contact Us for more details and scheduling.

Corporate Programming is available in conjunction with your employers HR Department. Corporate pricing is available upon request.

If you are a charity or non-profit you may be eligible for reduced rates or even free programming, call to see if your group qualifies.

If you are unable to attend one of our training workshops you can still get many of the benefits of this exciting program by purchasing a copy of our Women’s Self-Defense DVD. This straight forward easy to follow video was filmed during one of our recent workshops and covers the 3 hour instructional program taught in our classes.  The DVD covers: awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, targets and weapons and the physical techniques (stand up and ground work) that enable someone to successfully prevent, escape, resist and survive violent assaults.

The Womens Self Defense DVD can be purchased with a credit card over the phone.  Contact Us to purchase!

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“Loved: Everything. This is a safe environment for learning self-defense. I had a great time and got a pretty good workout. And, oh   yeah, leaving the studio feeling super empowered wasn’t all that bad either.”   – D Magazine