Karate Summer Camps

Attention Parents!


Please remember, Ninja camp is for ages 5 and up 

Join us for Ninja Camp!

Whether they’ve never tried karate before or they’re longstanding students, if you’re looking to keep your kids moving this summer, try our weekly karate summer camps!

As the leader in children’s martial arts, Chamberlain Studios and our team of expert instructors will lead students ages 5* and up through a fun packed martial arts program that will safely introduce new students to the martial arts and expand the skills of those with previous experience.

Kenpo Karate provides good exercise and self-discipline, builds confidence, and establishes achievable goals. The self-defense skills we teach are applicable in the real world, not just tournaments, and will give your children both confidence and practical tools to use throughout their lives. The camp features our 3-steps to a Great Kid character development program. Activities cover important areas of training, including:

  • Basic Karate skills, rolls, and falls
  • Self defense techniques
  • Wrestling/ground work and jiu-jitsu
  • Martial arts forms (Kata) and History
  • Personal safety tips
  • Students will have the opportunity to earn colored stripes towards their next belt rank
  • When it is appropriate to use these new skills, and much more!

Children are grouped for activities by age and rank.  Discounts for siblings!

*4 year olds allowed on a case by case basis – contact us to discuss


5 years & up only


May 28th – August 9th


Lakewood Dojo or Off-site camps with Summer Camp Partners

What to Bring
  • A sack lunch, 2 snacks, and water bottle.
  • Karate uniform and belt (if you want the chance to rank up you need to bring your obi!)
  • Completed chores worksheet, “Show and Tell” item
Karate Summer Camp
General Information

Our custom CSSD karate uniform and belt is available from the instructor for $35.  Beginning/Intermediate students have the opportunity (at the instructors’ discretion) to be promoted at the end of camp.


If you are unable to attend camp for a full week (or a full day), you may sign up for individual days or partial days.


In Person camps will run from 8:30 AM – 4 PM. We also offer Early Drop Off for these camps. Early Drop-Off is 7:45a – 8:30a and must be scheduled IN ADVANCE with the dojo.  Half days available – 8:30am-12:30pm or 12-4pm.

WeeksTimeExtended Day - Early Drop Off
May 28-318:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
June 3-78:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
June 10-148:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
June 17-218:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
June 24-288:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
July 1, 2, 3, 58:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
July 8-128:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
July 15-198:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
July 22-268:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
July 29-August 28:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
August 5-98:30 AM - 4 PM7:45 AM - 8:25AM (booked in advance)
  • Full week tuition is $375 for the first child and $300 for siblings
  • Note that there are some 4-day weeks at a reduced rate: May 28-31 and July 1, 2, 3, 5
  • Individual days are available
  • Early Drop-off is available
CamperIndividual DaysFull Week4 Day CampsHalf Day CampsEarly Drop Off
(per day)
First Student$90$375$300$190$10
(25% discount)