Email the Registration and Stop My Billing Forms to You can complete the Online Waiver and Consent online.

Student tuition enables Chamberlain Studios to provide experienced instructors, extensive programming and some of the best facilities to be found anywhere, while still being able to maintain reasonable rates.  We use automatic billing through either a credit card or through a bank draft, your choice.  You may also pre-pay for a year and receive an additional month (pay for 12 months, get 13), or pay for two years in advance and receive 3 additional months (pay for 24 months, get 27).

To enroll or try out a free class, please fill out this online Waiver form or print the Waiver and Consent Form and bring it with you to class.  In the top right hand corner please remember to fill in the location of the studio that you will be attending.  If you are completing enrollment for ongoing classes, then bring the form with you, along with your choice of tuition payment as outlined below.

Tuition at our Lakewood or Walnut Hill Dojos is as follows:
  • $155 per month for unlimited Martial Arts classes and/or Fitness classes. You can take any CSSD class, anytime, for one reasonable price.  Adults and Children 7 and up.
  • $135 per month for children ages 4-6, for unlimited CSSD Martial Arts classes.
  • 2nd family member is 25% discount.  3rd & additional family members are only $25 per month!
  • “Drop ins” or “Mat Fees” for an occasional single class in any program are $20 per session.
  • Special promotional rates may be offered at other locations and times.
  • Private classes with a Black Belt instructor are $70/hour or $35 for a half hour.
    Semi-private classes are $60/hour per person or $30 for a half hour.
  • Private instruction with Master level instructors (20 plus years teaching experience) is $200/hour.  Master instructors available include Dr. Chamberlain, sensei Jim Webb, and sensei Bill Parker.
  • Usually we will collect the first month’s tuition, prorated as necessary, a $60 registration fee ($20 recurring annually) and begin billing your tuition on a monthly basis starting on the first of the next month.  You have two monthly billing options, you may use a credit card or an EFT/bank draft.
  • There is a 25% discount on group tuition for additional family members.  You also have the option to pay for a full year in advance to receive an additional month free, or pay in advance for 2 years and receive 3 additional months free. You may use cash, check or charge for annual programs.  The registration fee is $75 for the whole family ($20 per student annually)
  • For your protection, once you have decided on your program and tuition rate, fill in the appropriate form below and remember that we are unable to make any changes to these accounts without your written direction.  Calling on the phone will not get it done, as the staff is not allowed to make changes without a signature (again, for your protection).
  • If you wish to make changes such as putting your program on hold for a month, the process is simple.  Download the appropriate form below, fill it in and either FAX it to us at: 214-366-3916, scan and email the completed document with signature to:, or mail it to us at the Lakewood Dojo at: 2114 Kidwell St., Dallas, TX 75214.  Changes need to be done ahead of time to allow us the opportunity to make these changes, see the individual form for the required lead time, but it’s usually a couple of weeks.
  • Please don’t email us on the last day of the month and ask to suspend tuition for the coming month or call us on the 10th day of the month and ask us not to bill you since you haven’t been in yet to train this month!  Remember that all changes need to be made in writing and in advance, on one of the forms below.  And please remember that tuition is not attendance based…. not showing up for class does not mean that you are not being billed, we are still here with the lights on!
  • Changes to my Credit Card or Bank Draft/EFT Amount (the form to change monthly tuition payments if your automatic monthly payments are being withdrawn from a credit card, checking or savings account.  You would also use this form to increase or decrease monthly tuition if you were planning to add or remove an additional family member)
  • If you go on vacation over the summer and request that we put your tuition on hold, we ask that you complete a “Stop my Billing” form (remember we cannot make changes without a signature).
  • Stop My Billing form to cancel your billing/autopay for any reason. Such as taking a break or canceling permanently.
  • We do not keep your credit card or banking information at the school, on our computers or anywhere else that can be hacked or accessed, the information is uploaded to the Spark Minds Martial Arts Software server and stored there for monthly billing.  Spark is our management software program that helps to run things such as billing and scheduling.  If your credit card expires or you get a new one you will get a daily prompt from us to go online and make updates to your account.  If you need help just call us and we will walk you through it or take care of it for you.
  • Please do not call us mid month and ask to make changes for the current month.  Since the billing is done at the start of the month, please give us at least two weeks advanced notice (in writing, on one of the above forms).  If you have questions or problems please give us a call and we will solve it for you.

We hope this information is helpful.  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact either Chamberlain Studios at: 214-351-5367 or Dr. Chamberlain at