3 Steps to a Great Kid

Professor Chamberlain teaching kids kenpo karate at the Lakewood Dojo in Dallas, Texas

3-Steps to a Great Kid™ is the character development program developed by Dr. Nick Chamberlain in conjunction with other top educators.  The program is designed to fill a void in children’s education that many feel is often left between school, traditional sports and their home environment.  This program is the backbone of all our children’s martial arts classes.  As Bruce Wayne says in Batman: It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.

The program follows the precept that “character is demonstrated through actions”.  For this reason the program is largely action or behavior based.  As the name suggests, the 3-Steps to a Great Kid™ program includes training in three areas:

Step 1: Daily Tasks Worksheet

Yes, chores!  This is a 5 week, daily worksheet that covers tasks and responsibilities in such areas as: Personal Hygiene; Academics; Martial Arts; and Home Duties, etc.  There are age specific worksheets for the different classes which can be downloaded from our Library section.

Do Chores Promote Academic Achievement?  Yes!
A U.S. Department of Education report, Education and the Family, contrasted the family activities of youngsters with high and low academic achievement.  The study found that the high-scoring students had regular chores and homework schedules and that their parents regularly involved them in conversations, games, singing and other activities.  The low-performing students had few home responsibilities, little parental supervision and little time in which they interacted with their families.

Step 2: Character Virtue

This consists of ongoing class discussion of a monthly character virtue and how it relates to their karate training, family and the home, school and academics, and themselves.  Remember the original purpose of athletics in an academic environment?  It was to teach and encourage the traits of character in our children that they don’t get in Math and English class – Teamwork, Loyalty, Perseverance, Leadership, etc., Where has all that gone?  It’s right here at Chamberlain Studios in our 3-Steps to a Great Kid program!

Step 3: Child Safety Topics

There is no point in getting a great kid if you don’t get to keep them.  The monthly child safety topic covers such areas as: Stranger Danger; How to Deal with Bullies; Who am I?; and The Buddy System etc.

The 3-Steps to a Great Kid™ program fits perfectly within the framework of a traditional martial arts curriculum and has met with rave reviews from our parents and other erdicators.  We think you’ll agree with them, that this program offers something you won’t find at your child’s school or in a traditional sports program.

Much more information on this program is available in the childrens’ Yellow Belt Manual.  The manual has copies of the worksheets and ideas on implementing chores into the family lifestyle.  The monthly Daily Tasks Worksheets also can be picked up from any of the dojo (school) locations or downloaded from our Downloads section!  For the youngest of our kids I recommend the magnetic responsibility charts from the company: Mellissa and Doug.

We look forward to working with you and your child to make a Great Kid!

Here is a response from one of our parents:

“I never knew when we signed up for Kenpo at Chamberlain Studios that it would become part of the fabric of our family. All four of us take classes, and kata and grappling are honored family activities. In a way the dojo is just an extension of our home, and the senseis and Shihan are family..”

“…Not only are my sons embracing the art of karate, they have gained confidence, developed respect, and learned perseverance and discipline. I am so thankful that Chamberlain Studios is just as interested in nurturing the character of my children as they are teaching high kicks and hammer fists.”

Elisa Laird

”I am so thankful you guys teach them to learn a parent’s phone number.  My kids were in a car accident 2 years ago with a babysitter and the car rolled over.  Because of karate, Abby was able to to tell the EMT how to reach me, and it was ideal because I got there very quickly.”
“Working with Chamberlain Studios has been a pleasure. Dr. Chamberlain and his staff are professional educators from start to finish. They not only teach self defense but also good citizenry. The quality of the instruction is excellent and the kids have a great time while learning. I sent my kids to one of their camps and they loved it! I highly recommend the program.”

Mr. Mike Schneider, Director of Summer Camps at the Episcopal School of Dallas