Kids’ Belt Test – October 23, 2020

Our next Kids’ belt test is October 23, 2020, online over Zoom. Consult the Student Portal for details for how to login for the test.

Once your child has earned all 6 colored stripes on their belt (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White & Black), they will be invited by their instructor to test. If you have questions regarding your child’s readiness to test, please speak with your child’s primary instructor or send us a message at:

Remember that the Student Portal has video instruction for most curriculum techniques & kata (forms), and more are being added weekly. This is a great resource for your kids to review their skills before the test. Also, don’t forget to schedule their weekly 15min Online Private lessons!

Blue Stripe = Kata (forms)
Red Stripe = Punch Defenses
Green Stripe = Grab Defenses
Yellow Stripe = Weapon Defenses
White Stripe = Book Reports & Vocabulary
Black Stripe = Grappling

Nunchaku workshop, 10/24!

Join us at Flag Pole Hill or Bachman Lake Park this Saturday (10/24) at 12 pm for a special Nunchaku Seminar with Professor Chamberlain!

For $55 you’ll get mad nunchaku skills, a pair of practice nunchaku and a special patch! Professor will also teach you basic and advanced skills and a short kata.

Email for more info or sign up below!

Wear Your Halloween Costumes to Class!

Covid-19 may be preventing us from having our annual Kids Halloween Party at the Bachman dojo this year, but that does not mean we can’t have a little Halloween fun anyway!

Kids are encouraged to come to class at Flag Pole Hill on Saturday 10/31 in their Halloween costumes and we’ll have a Costume Contest just for them!

Advanced Kids Belt Test Saturday 11/7/20 – 11am

If your child has been invited to test by their instructor for one of our advanced ranks (Brown Belt 3 & Higher), the next Advanced Kids Belt Test will be held on Saturday, November 7th at the Bachman Lake (Hombu) Dojo from 11am – 1pm. Most of the test will be held outside, so be sure to bring sneakers, water, sunscreen, leadership binder and full Gi & Obi.

If you are unsure about your child’s eligibility to test for an advanced rank, please speak with their main instructor or get in touch with the dojo for assistance.

Thanksgiving Ninja Camp!

Whenever school is out, karate is ON!  Come join us for our annual Thanksgiving Week camp at the Lakewood Dojo (Mon 11/23 – Wed 11/25).

Spots will be limited for social distancing safety, so register your child today!

Winter Break Ninja Camp!

Once the kids are out of school for the Fall Semester, they’ll need something FUN and SAFE to do to finish out the year – send them on in to the Lakewood Dojo for our annual Winter Break Ninja Camp!

This camp runs the following days in December: Mon 12/21, Tue 12/22, Wed 12/23, Mon 12/28, Tue 12/29, Wed 12/30, Thur 12/31.

This is a great way for your karate kids to keep up on their skills during the school break, and for new students to get started on their martial arts journey!

Limited spots available, so register early!