NOTE: There will be NO classes on Saturday, July 14th! We hope you all have a wonderful day with your families!

July Class Schedule (In-Person & Online)

The full schedule, along with new Zoom links for the online classes and links for the SignUp Genius class reservations, can be found in our Student Portal.

Important things to note for July:
  • Our In Person and Online class schedule for July remains the same as it was in June! Please visit the Student Portal (see above) for the new Zoom class times & links.
  • Don’t forget to schedule your spot ahead of time for our in person classes via our online scheduler, which is available through SignUp Genius links on our student portal (see above).
    For safety reasons we cannot accept drop-ins at this time, only pre-scheduled students may attend in-person classes
  • As the Covid-19 situation is ever-changing, please continue to refer to our website for updates regarding what the dojo is doing regarding classes.  If we are required to close for in-person classes again, we will continue to offer our Zoom class schedule UN-interrupted, as well as our outdoor Saturday classes!
For safety reasons we cannot accept drop-ins at this time, only pre-scheduled students may attend in-person classes.
General Guidelines for Class Participants
  • All class participants must reserve their class spot ahead of time via our scheduler (SignUp Genius) found in the Student Portal.
  • All class participants are required to wear masks.
  • At this time we are asking parents to drop their children off in front of each of the dojos, and wait for their child to be admitted in to the dojo before leaving. We will have 1 entrance and 1 exit at each of the dojo locations to prevent overlap of students. (See our drop off & pick up procedure videos below).
  • All class participants will have their temperature taken before entering the dojo by one of our instructors/staff members. (Students with temperatures of 100 or more will be asked to leave).
  • All class participants should maintain the social distancing guidelines which will be indicated by markers in each of the dojos.
  • All class participants should bring their own water & be dressed for class before arriving for class (Dojo locker rooms and water fountains are CLOSED) 
  • There will be NO contact activities in classes.  Students will practice their  martial arts through kata, and “shadow partner” self defense drills.
  • Students will not share equipment.  If weapons for kata are needed, students will need to bring their own.

Dojo Dropoff and Pickup Procedures for June In-Person Camps and Classes


Challenge of the Week #9: Hopping Front Kicks

Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camps 2020 – In Person & Online!

Camps are underway – come join us!

With much of our summer plans still up in the air based on what happens with Covid-19 social distancing precautions, Chamberlain Studios is prepared to be there for our students in whichever way parents need! We are offering in person camps at both our Bachman Lake and Lakewood Dojo locations as we usually do (with restricted numbers to comply with social distancing guidelines), and ONLINE summer camps too!

Please visit the summer camp page of our website HERE for more information & to register your child, or click one of these links for our new ONLINE registration forms!

New Student Portal is Live!

For our active dojo members, all of our Live Streaming Classes, archived online classes, and curriculum information is housed in the Student Portal section of our website for both security purposes as well as to provide our members more value to their memberships!

You’ll also need membership in the Student Portal to have access to the Zoom class links & Signup Genius links to reserve spots in our in-person dojo classes.

Only current members/parents will have access to this area of our website.

Register for the Student Portal here.

Need Gear to Train at Home?

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