President’s Day Camp!

School is out for President’s Day on Monday 2/15/21, but the dojo is open for camp! Sign your child up today for a fun-filled day of martial arts & games! This is the perfect opportunity for new students to try out karate, and great for our existing students to get some extra training in.
Come join us!

Spring Break Camp! 3/15/21-3/19/21

Sign your child up today for a week of martial arts & games during Spring Break 2021!  This is the perfect opportunity for new students to try out karate, and great for our existing students to get some extra training in, and stripes on their belts.
Spots are limited, and we need at least 6 kids pre-registered for the camp to run.

Kids’ Belt Test – January 29th, 2021 – online

Our next Kids’ belt test is January 29th, 2020 at 6:30 PM, online over Zoom. Consult the Student Portal for details for how to login for the test.

Once your child has earned all 6 colored stripes on their belt (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White & Black), they will be invited by their instructor to test. If you have questions regarding your child’s readiness to test, please speak with your child’s primary instructor or send us a message at:

Remember that the Student Portal has video instruction for most curriculum techniques & kata (forms), and more are being added weekly. This is a great resource for your kids to review their skills before the test. Also, don’t forget to schedule their weekly 15min Online Private lessons!

Blue Stripe = Kata (forms)
Red Stripe = Punch Defenses
Green Stripe = Grab Defenses
Yellow Stripe = Weapon Defenses
White Stripe = Book Reports & Vocabulary
Black Stripe = Grappling

School Karate is Back!

We are excited to announce that after school karate classes are slowly coming back online!  Each school/district is making their own decisions regarding after school programs based on their Covid-19 guidelines and as things change, we will let you know!  For now, we are thrilled to announce that the following after-school karate programs are under-way and it is NOT too late to sign up!

*Discounts for late or partial semester registrations will be applied after the registration has been received.

Next Adult Belt Test – Saturday 2/6/21!

In Person Test Information
Location: Winfrey Point (at White Rock Lake),  950 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218.  You will want to park by the baseball fields, not the Winfrey Point House
Time: 11a – 2p
Bring: Tennis Shoes, Water, Snack, Mask, any weapons you need for kata.  Dojo will bring weapons for self defense.
Test Fees: $25 All ranks below Brown Belt & $35 Brown Belts.
No fee for Pre-Tests – and anyone who is planning on testing for Shodan at Warrior Weekend this year is expected to be at EACH TEST!
Online Test Information

We are staggering the start times for the online test based on ranks:
White Belts – 11am start time
Higher Ranks – 12pm start time

Zoom Link: Consult the Student Portal for login information