Dojo Training Signup

Congratulations on joining us on the mat at Chamberlain Studios!

To get started, download our waiver and registration form, and email them to

As a dojo student you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Hands-on training with our expert instructors
  • Classes 7 days a week
  • Unlimited access to Gasan Ryu Kenpo classes at any of our three dojos in Dallas-Ft. Worth
  • Unlimited access to our live streaming classes, class archive and curriculum training videos
  • Unlimited access to our fitness classes
  • Access to our twice monthly Kung Fu classes
  • Access to hands on private lessons with our instructors
  • Supplies: training bags, weapons, uniforms, etc.

Registration Fees & Supplies (All New Students)

  • $60 First Student Registration ($20/year annual fee drafted on Feb. 1st)
  • $75 Family Registration (2+ members) ($20/year annual fee/ drafted PER STUDENT on Feb. 1st)
  • $35 Child Lightweight Custom CSSD Karate Uniform (Up to size 2)
  • $45 Adult Lightweight Custom CSSD Karate Uniform (Size 3 & Up)
  • $20 T-Shirt (various designs and sizes)
  • $10 Patches (CSSD Designs)

Add Ons

  • $35 per month for EACH 30 minute private lesson


  • $135 per month for Unlimited Group classes, Age 4 - 6 ($101 for second student = 25% discount)
  • $155 per month For Unlimited Group classes, Age 7 & Up ($116 for second student = 25% discount)
  • $25 per month for 3rd and each additional family member