Kan Geiko is Japanese for Cold Training.

At Chamberlain Studios our version of Kan Geiko is a week-long martial arts Boot Camp held during the coldest part of the year in January, on Monday through Friday mornings from 6-7am!  The workout is free and open to the public and anyone interested in some fun and hard work.  The only thing we ask is that you bring a can of food or five dollars each morning you train with us as a charitable donation to the North Texas Food Bank.


6-7 AM, January 27th, to January 31st, 2020


Love Field Dojo and Lakewood Dojo

The Goal

The purpose of Kan Geiko is to work a little harder than you may be used to and a little earlier in the morning than you may like to, for five straight days in a row!  This style of “Hardship Training” is designed to build determination, perseverance and camaraderie among the participants, while at the same time raising food for the North Texas Food Bank.

In 2013 we raised over 200lbs of food for our friends at NTFB.

Equipment required is loose workout clothes that cover the elbows and knees, running shoes, a 3-5 gallon bucket and an adventurous spirit and frame of mind!

The Workout

Starts at 6am with warm-up, range of motion and light stretching.  This is followed by kicking and punching drills along with lunges, mat crawls, squat jumps, the worm and many more.  We then put on our running shoes and the guys strip off their shirts and everyone goes for a 7-10 minute run or walk around the block.  On our return, we complete a circuit of weights, bag work, calisthenics and The Burn.  Next we make use of our buckets through a series of progressive resistance exercises with water in the buckets (Monday’s bucket has a little water in it and the bucket is filled with a little more each day until it is full by Friday).  Lastly, we do a cool down and stretch and we’re done!

Even the dog “Radar” works out!

Friday Morning Workout

Friday morning’s workout looks the same as the others except that the heavy bucket of water you’ve been lifting all week and cursing over, gets emptied….. over your head!  (Yes, you can bow out and watch instead).

This is the coldest part of Kan Geiko but many feel it is also the most fun, especially the kids, when they get to pour the water over their moms and dads!