On June 25th, 2022, our founder Grand Master Nick Chamberlain was inducted into the Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame after more than 40 years in martial arts, keeping the flame of alive for Nick Cerio’s Kenpo and blazing his own trail.

He was inducted with:


Carlos Wollman – Argentina. (Kenpo)
Denise Plowman – Idaho (Kenpo)
KC Jones – California (BKF)
Gary Caswell – California (Kenpo)
Jose Miguel Morales – Chile (Kenpo)
Omar Diaz Del – Chile (Kenpo)
Rick Avery – Los Angeles CA (Kenpo)
Guido Polidori – Chile (Kenpo)
Shay McNamee – Ireland (Kenpo)
Norman “Kaipo” Tuiolosega – California (Lima Lama)
Teri Hicks – California (Kenpo)
Graham Lelliott (American Kenpo)

Posthumous Nominees

Jim Thompson – Washington (Kenpo)
Aleju Reyes – California (Kajukenbo)

Enduring Legacy

Brandon Lee – California (Jeet Kune Do)