The instructors at Chamberlain Studios are excited to offer FREE private lessons to our students!  Sign up with the instructor of your choice at a day & time that works for you!  Each of our Chamberlain Studios members are receiving a FREE 15min lesson to help keep your martial arts training on track, and to supplement our online group classes while we are all sequestered at home.


Just a reminder about our class schedule of live streaming sessions on ZOOM over the next couple of weeks.
Don’t forget, if your child has all 6 stripes on their belt (including their virtual Green Stripe for grabs), then they should join us for our first ever virtual Kids Belt Test this Friday 3/27!  See below for the Zoom link.

Here is the schedule of classes and the Zoom links for each class (links will remain the same for each class over the next couple of weeks).

* Don’t forget to pull up our 15min Warm Up video to be used prior to all other classes!  This is available now on our YouTube Page:  Chamberlainkarate

Mon/Wed/Fri:  10:30a – 11a  (Kids Age 4-6):
Join URL:

Mon/Wed/Fri:  11:15a – 11:45a  (Kids Age 7-11 Beginner):
Join URL:

Mon/Wed/Fri:  12p – 12:30p  (Kids Age 7-11 Advanced & Adults):

We are combining our Advanced Kids Age 7-11 Class with our Adult Class during this time as the curriculum material is mostly the same!

Mon/Wed/Fri:  12:45p – 1:15p (Kids Age 7-11 Intermediate (Orange – Blue):
Tu/Th:  12p – 12:15p  Storytime with Shihan Rollend!:

Pull up a comfortable chair or spot on the couch for this fun storytime with our favorite islander, Shihan Rollend Nery!

Friday 3/27:  6:30p – 8p  Kids Belt Test (Live Streaming)!:

If your child has all 6 colored stripes on their belt and are ready to test, please call in from your house THIS FRIDAY for our first-ever online belt test!  Kids who are testing should be dressed in FULL Gi & Obi just like if they were testing in person at the dojo.  All testing fees will be waived for this test!

You can also download a PDF of our online class schedule HERE

*Notes –
1) The classes & links above are for classes occurring over the next 2 weeks.  The links are only available during the streaming times above.  The classes are recorded and uploaded to the Chamberlainkarate YouTube page as quickly as possible!

2) Please mute your microphone upon entering each class

3) It would be awesome to have everyone in their full Gi and Obi for these classes.

4) We would love to share photos of your kids practicing their karate – so please share those photos with us as often as you would like!  They’ll go on our Facebook page & Instagram.

5) We value your feedback!  As we move forward with these online classes we want to hear from you!  Any constructive criticism is welcome.


Chamberlain Studios is excited to announce that we are developing a new Member Portal on our website!
We are continuing to look for fresh ways to bring the karate curriculum to our students, and along with our streaming online classes, this will be another place our members can go access the material they need for their belt rank requirements.

The member portal is still under construction, but to help us get it ready to go for you, our members, we need you all to register for the site.  Its a simple form and should only take a minute or two to fill out.  Once the Member Portal is complete it will house instructional videos, classes, & have access to curriculum videos that will not be available to the public on YouTube.

When you get an opportunity over the next few weeks, register for the Member Portal here:  click on “Register”