Chamberlain Studios is excited to announce that we’re resuming our After School Karate Programs for Fall 2020, both in person and online!

Until classes and after school programs return to normal, our after school karate classes (online and in-person) will meet on weekdays (Mon-Thu) at our Lakewood Dojo, Tuesday and Thursday at our Bachman Dojo, and Saturday mornings outside in the park (Bachman Lake Park & Flag Pole Hill).

The after school semester will run August 1st through December 23rd, 2020, but classes can be ongoing year round!  Parents can choose between our 1x per week program (which includes a weekly 15min online private lesson) or our Unlimited In Person classes!  There will be NO class on 11/26 or 11/28 (Thanksgiving Weekend).

Following Federal and State guidelines, in-person classes will observe no-contact karate as well as our new cleaning and safety protocols.

Click below to sign up for your preferred version of After School Karate

General Guidelines for In-Person Class Participants
  • All class participants are required to wear masks.
  • At this time we are asking parents to drop their children off in front of each of the dojos, and wait for their child to be admitted in to the dojo before leaving. We will have 1 entrance and 1 exit at each of the dojo locations to prevent overlap of students. (See our drop off & pick up procedure video below).
  • All class participants will have their temperature taken before entering the dojo by one of our instructors/staff members. (Students with temperatures of 100 or more will be asked to leave).
  • All class participants should maintain the social distancing guidelines which will be indicated by markers in each of the dojos.
  • All class participants should bring their own water & be dressed for class before arriving for class. (Dojo locker rooms and water fountains are CLOSED).
  • There will be NO contact activities in classes. Students will practice their martial arts through kata, and “shadow partner” self defense drills.
  • Students will not share equipment. If weapons for kata are needed, students will need to bring their own.