Kids Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is a great recreational activity for children.  It provides good exercise and self-discipline, builds confidence, and establishes achievable goals.  Our Kid’s Karate classes incorporate the 3-Steps to a Great Kid™ program, which is a character development curriculum specifically designed to fit within a martial arts program.  The emphasis of the program is respect; respecting the instructors, respecting the school, respecting fellow students – This helps to develop virtue of character that is lifelong.

The class begins and ends with the student creed:

“I pledge as a Kenpo Black Belt, to use my skills and knowledge only for what is right, and to make the principles of effort, etiquette, sincerity, character and self-control a part of my daily life™”.

The self-defense skills we teach are applicable in the real world, not just tournaments, and will give your children both confidence and practical tools to use throughout their lives.  This is all provided in a bright, clean, friendly environment, where concern for your child’s safety is our top priority.

World renowned child psychologist Dr. Ruth Peters (featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS Good Morning, NBC’s Today, CNN Morning News, MSNBC and Lifetime Live) recommends sending children with ADHD and other behavioral and discipline problems to a martial arts school to increase their focus, concentrate better, and have more self-control.

Martial Arts develops strength and coordination while teaching children how to avoid conflicts and defend themselves if attacked.

Students typically train two to three times per week.

General Information

All the information concerning your child’s training for the first 12 months is contained in the student picture manual available at the dojo.  You will receive a copy of this manual when your child begins training and can use it as a resource for reviewing the material and working with your child.  You may also view the complete children’s Gasan Ryu™ Kenpo Curriculum from white through Junior Black Belt in our library section as a download.  The classes cover all the material on the curriculum on a monthly rotation basis.  The students are usually ready to test for their new belts in 4-6 months after their previous belt promotion.

On the last Saturday of the month, families are invited to “Family Workout Day”.  At this monthly class you and your kids will go through a fun karate workout and in addition we will cover the material your child will be learning over the next month in class.  We encourage you to be an active part of your child’s karate training!

Training Locations

Chamberlain Studios offers classes at many locations in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex including after school karate at over a dozen locations:

After School Programs

Lakewood Dojo

Love Field Dojo

West Side Dojo

Information on Testing

Kids age 4-6 are advanced during the last week of each month with a black stripe on one side of their belt for the completion of household chores and a colored stripe on the other for that month’s martial arts skills.  They are promoted on a calendar basis every 5 months, there is no cumulative test outside of class time.

Kids ages 7 and up are promoted on a proficiency basis in addition to the calendar requirement.  Just like the little kids, the older ones have a monthly chores requirement and get a black stripe on one side of their belt and the colored stripes are awarded each month for proficiency in the martial arts skills during the last week of each month.  When the student has all six of the colored skills stripes, they are eligible for the cumulative belt test on the last Friday of the month.  The test is from 6:30pm-7:45pm and is held at both the Bachman/Love Field dojo and the Lakewood dojo.  In addition, the kids are responsible for  completing and handing in the “Permission to test sheet.”  This form is signed off on by a parent and also by the child’s teachers at school.  This allows for direct feedback from parents and teachers alike.  Most students are prepared to test 2-3 times a year.

Terminology, History, Book Reports, etc

The white skills stripe is for material that can be learned and studied by the student outside of regular class.  A list of general requirements for terminology can be downloaded from our library section.  Also, when students have studied the USA Flag Test, they can test after class and get a flag for their Gi!  Once they have the USA flag they can then study and test for the Texas Flag Test.  Both flags go on the left shoulder.  On the Kids Curriculum sheet is also a listing of books to read, usually two a year, such as the “3 Little Ninja Pigs”.

See some of our kids in action on our YouTube ChamberlainKarate page!

Kids Annual Kenpo Invitational Tournament

Each year we hold our Annual Kids Kenpo Invitational Tournament for the Chamberlain karate kids at all of our after-school programs and main dojo locations across the DFW metroplex. Competition can be a stressful and nerve racking event for your child.  That is okay.  One of the reasons for organizing these tournaments and especially the beginner show division (for our youngest students), is to guide your child through this competitive experience successfully.  Not to remove all the stress, but rather to help them overcome their nervousness and have a safe, fun and successful event.  The idea being that they can build on this small success and carry their new-found confidence into other parts of their life.  Remember that this is probably one of the reasons you got them into Karate in the first place!

Kids Private Karate Carpool Class

Don’t see the schedule or times that are best for you?
Chamberlain Studios offers a “Private Carpool Class” that may fit your needs better.  Get several families together (10 student minimum, and we can help fill the class if you like) and we will set up a private program and time slot just for you and your group.  We have done this very successfully with other families, who like the flexibility in their schedule and the ease of sharing the driving.

We also offer great specials for hosting your Kids Karate Birthday Party with us!