Streaming Classes

As of 4/15/20, streaming classes are now only available to active CSSD students through our new Student Portal. Read below for details and how to get verified and obtain access.

CSSD Karate streamed to

Mobile – Tablets – Laptops – TVs

Chamberlain Studios of Self-Defense is offering streaming classes and remote learning options six days a week for our active students, held over Zoom through our Student Portal. To get started, register on the Student Portal and if you’re verified, within 24 hours you’ll have access to not only streaming classes and private lessons, but our curriculum videos as well!

If you’re not currently an active student and want to learn remotely, click here to get started!

Available Classes
Kids 4-6
Kids 7-11 Beginners
Kids 7-11 Intermediate
Kids 7-11 Advanced
Storytime with Shihan Rollend