Jiyushinkai Aikido

Dojo Cho
Bill Parker

Head Instructors
Bill Parker
David Bedard

In Japanese, Aikido literally means “the way of blending energy.”  Aikido teaches us to efficiently use energy to blend with and then subdue an opponent or attacker.  Unlike other martial arts that utilize kicks, punches or joint locks, we focus on using kuzushi (off-balancing) and blending movements to manage an opponent’s aggressive intent so they are no longer a threat.  Size is not an issue, as even the smallest person is able to apply any technique on the largest person.

Learn more about our particular style of Aikido by visiting the Jiyushinkai website.

Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6-7:30pm for Kuzushi training and from 7:30-9pm for traditional technique training.  Also, Sunday afternoons from 4:00-6pm For more general information about aikido in general visit Aikiweb and the Aikido FAQ.

For specific questions about classes or programs contact us at: 214-351-5367 or email to info@DallasKenpo.com

Tuition is $135/month.

Learn more at www.jitakyoeidojo.com.