Shihan Rollend Neery

Shihan Rollend Nery was born on November 17, 1972 in the  Micronesian islands of Ulithi.  Shihan Rollend grew up on the islands and split his time between Mogmog and Falalop, which is where he attended high school.  Growing up, Shihan Rollend explains that he had many interests.  “I fished a lot but that was a part of everyday living there.  Most of the boys in my family were very artistic.  Drawing, painting, building, song writing, cooking, creating…There were no clubs so I started a team of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris acting amongst my friends.  If you ask them, they will most likely say several more that I might have conveniently forgotten about.”

After graduating from Outer Island High School, Shihan Rollend moved to Dallas and began taking classes at Brookhaven College where he studied art.  Shihan met Professor Chamberlain when he signed up for karate classes at Brookhaven, and that changed the course of his life!

Shihan Rollend received his 1st degree black belt in Gasan Ryu Kenpo under Professor Chamberlain in 1997.  Since then, he has continued to train and teach at Chamberlain Studios, and in October of 2012 he was promoted to 5th degree black belt (and his title of Shihan) in Gasan Ryu Kenpo.

Shihan Rollend plays an integral role in the success of Chamberlain Studios.  Today, he is the right hand of Professor Chamberlain.  He teaches classes at all levels for children ages 3 & 4 through the advanced adult classes.  In addition to running regular classes at both the Lakewood and Bachman Lake dojo locations, Shihan Rollend teaches in several after-school programs, runs private classes & birthday parties, and is always a face you will see at the many dojo events.  Shihan Rollend is highly respected by his fellow instructors at Chamberlain Studios, and his positive, upbeat, and caring personality helps to promote the close-knit family environment at this school that we all enjoy.

When asked how his training in the martial arts has affected his life, Shihan Rollend explained; “It’s kept me true to myself and made me feel like I’m doing what I want to be doing.  That’s only a small part of it.  Just the amount of good friends I’ve met doing this is worth a lifetime.”

Shihan also thought it was important for people to know that he greatly loves what he does for a living.  “I would like you to know that YOU the dojo members, families and friends are the heart of the place.

On the beach at his island birthplace on Mog Mog in Micronesia!
With Professor Ernie Cates and sensei Phill Fields during a particularly painfull Neco Ryu Jiu-Jitsu workshop!