Shihan Mike Bush

Shihan Mike Bush was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and after moving around throughout his young life settled in Southern California, where he first found his love for the martial arts.

In 1989, Shihan Mike began his training in Shaolin Kempo Karate under Master Russell Streff.In 1992 he was promoted to 1st degree black belt by Grandmaster Fred Villari and then to 2nddegree Black Belt in 1994 by Master John Fritz Soon after, he became the chief instructor of both the Laguna Niguel and Dana Point locations for Fred Villari’s Studios of Self Defense, where he continued to train under Master Russell Streff.

Shihan Mike graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in communication.  It was there that Mike recognized a need for a women’s self-defense program.  He developed a program that was geared toward incoming freshmen and taught seminars every semester for 6 years. In addition to San Diego State University, Sensei Mike has taught martial arts seminars and women self-defense programs at Grossmont College, Saddleback College, and University of Texas Arlington.

In 2008, Shihan Mike met Professor Nick Chamberlain and immediately recognized the depth of Professor Chamberlain’s skill and knowledge of the arts. Within a short time of training with Professor Chamberlain, Shihan Mike found a new home in the martial arts.  Although his work and travel schedule is hectic, Shihan Mike always jumps at the chance to teach classes whenever he can.  In 2009, he was promoted to 3rd degree black belt in Gasan Ryu Kenpo and 1st degree black belt in Karazenpo Goshinjutsu.  In 2015 sensei Mike waas promoted to 5th degree Black Belt and shihan in Gasan Ryu Kenpo and 3rd degree Black belt in Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu

When time allows, you can catch Shihan Mike working out and teaching at the Lakewood Dojo, but he still loves going back to the Hombu dojo as well.  If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch him working out Friday mornings at the 6am session he began hosting in 2008.  Shihan Mike loves spending time on his material including his favorite punch defense, conquering shield and favorite kata Statue of The Crane.  He is a stickler for the basics and believes that in order for our techniques to be as good as they can, the basics have to be good first.

Shihan Mike lives in East Dallas with his wife Layla, daughter Josie (who will be starting classes soon), and his dog Parker.  For his day job, he is a territory manager with an apparel and footwear company.  When he is not in the dojo, Shihan Mike has many hobbies: he loves to travel, surf, go fishing, and cook (he is known for his most excellent BBQ), though his favorite thing to do is spend time with his family and friends.  He loves all kinds of music and movies, although Star Wars and Jaws are his favorites.  He loves to read, and is a huge fan of Stephen King.  At 6’5 and 235 pounds, he may look a little intimidating but has always been known as a gentle giant.