It was a challenging but successful online test for 24 of our karate students!  Every one of them worked hard and showed great effort.  You made your Sensei’s proud!!  Look for the belt fairies to make deliveries of the new belts over the next week or so, along with the new belts for our youngest students who ranked up in April as well.  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!


Please note that, beginning on Monday, April 27 the following changes will be made to our ONLINE class schedule:

Adult & Advanced Kids Class – will now run from 12pm – 12:45pm

Intermediate Kids Class – will now run from 1pm – 1:30pm (previously ran from 12:45pm – 1:15pm)

The full class schedule with Zoom meeting links can be found in our Student Portal


Sensei Kory is reading stories from our Kids’ curriculum on the Student Portal. The latest: Three Ninja Pigs!

June 6th, 2020 ADULT Belt Test Information
The Chamberlain Studios Advisory Board have determined that the best course of action for the upcoming Adult Belt Test is to run it ONLINE via Zoom.
We understand that due to Covid-19 our normal training opportunities have been interrupted, and we hope that you are all well and safe at home!  We are striving to make as many ways as possible to help you in your training, and towards your goal of Black Belt through our online streaming classes, online archived curriculum, and private lessons.  However you do it, we hope that you are finding effective ways to train at home!
Our hope is that everyone is planning on testing, but because we are all separated at this time, and the instructors are not able to see everyone on a daily/weekly basis, we are requesting 2 things from those planning on testing on June 6th.

1) Send the dojo an email to: info@dallaskenpo.com and let us know you plan on testing on June 6th.  We need this email by the END OF APRIL.  We need to know our numbers ahead of time for planning purposes as we have not run this type of test before!

2) Please take advantage of the opportunity to schedule 1x 15-minute private lesson with an instructor of your choice as soon as possible, but before THE END OF APRIL (remember, you get 1x per week!).  This is your opportunity to go over your material with the instructor and for the instructor to help you prepare for the test.

What should you expect at this test? 
You know you won’t be tested on your skill as an Uke….so, be prepared to demonstrate each of your katas multiple times for different instructors, expect to demonstrate EVERYTHING required for your rank on the curriculum, and expect to explain what you are doing in such a way that shows you understand the techniques.  Instant recall is a must (you’re not going to be able to look over your shoulder to see what your neighbor is doing)!
As always if you have specific questions or concerns regarding your training or the test, please get in touch with the dojo!
New Member Portal on DallasKenpo.com Is now LIVE!

Chamberlain Studios is excited to announce that our new Member Portal on our DallasKenpo.com website has launched!

All of our Live Streaming Classes, archived online classes, and curriculum information is housed in the Student Portal for both security purposes as well as to provide our members more value to their memberships!  We’ve added curriculum videos that have not been available previously, and more content is being added weekly!

If you have already registered for the student portal on the website, you should be good to go.  If you have not yet registered, please do so by clicking on the “Student Portal” banner in the top menu of the website (or by clicking the link below) and then filling out the simple registration form.

Please note that once you have registered, it may be a few hours before you can access the site as each registrant needs to be manually approved (for security purposes).  If you have registered and its been more than 24 hours and you still don’t have access, please send us an email!

Only existing members/parents will be given access to this area of our website.

Register for the Member Portal here: https://dallaskenpo.com/student-portal/

Special Guest Instructor – Master Stuart Gavin – Friday, April 24th, 2020 on Zoom

CSSD is fortunate to have a very special guest instructor for our Adult & Advanced Kids class on Friday 4/24 at 12pm.

Master Stuart Gavin has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years, starting his training in Shotokan during the early 1980’s.
He currently lives in Inverness, Scotland.

He is the founder of the Scottish Budo Association and currently teaches classes in Kempo, Ju-Jitsu, No Gi Grappling, Wing Chun, Iaido and Arnis. Stuart holds a level 4 professional teaching qualification and his company provides government regulated training for security operatives in the UK.
His specialties include teaching Personal Security, Threat Awareness, Close Quarter Combat and First Aid to Bodyguards and Close Protective Operatives.

You will enjoy Master Stuart’s expertise in Martial Arts as well as his hearty sense of humor! Come join us on Friday!


Special offer for Chamberlain Studios students & families!  If you would like to purchase martial arts gear, such as heavy weight uniforms, training pads, weapons, etc, order them from Century Martial Arts!  You will receive 10% off your order just for being our student, and you receive FREE Shipping for all orders over $99.

Visit www.CenturyMartialArts.com and be sure to enter this code at checkout:   CMA00362


Don’t forget that the instructors at CSSD are offering one FREE private lesson each week we are closed due to Covid-19 to our students!  Private lessons are for any current CSSD students (Kids & Adults) at the main dojos or any of our after school programs!

Sign up with the instructor of your choice at a day & time that works for you!  Each of our Chamberlain Studios members are receiving a FREE 15min lesson to help keep your martial arts training on track, and to supplement our online group classes while we are all sequestered at home.

REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE PRIVATE LESSON HERE: https://ChamberlainStudiosPrivateLessons.as.me/

Summer Camps 2020 – 25% Discount!

Chamberlain Studios is offering 25% off our Full Day/Full Week Summer Camps if you Purchase in April!  The purchase will be good for ANY week of camp this summer at either our Bachman Lake or Lakewood Dojo locations! Contact the Dojo today at: Info@DallasKenpo.com to purchase!