3-Steps to a Great Kid

3-Steps to a Great Kid™ is the character development program developed by Dr. Nick Chamberlain in conjunction with other top educators.  The program is designed to fill a void in children’s education that many feel is often left between school, traditional sports and their home environment.

Karate Birthday Parties

For a change of pace, we offer the fun and excitement of Karate Birthday Parties (ages 4 and up) and for the older kids the option of a Padded Weapons Birthday party (ages 7 and up)!

Kenshusei Advanced Studies Program

A program is designed to be completed in conjunction with a four year degree at one of the local universities or colleges in the Dallas area. The goal is for a student to achieve their Bachelors degree and Black Belt within the same time period.

Instructor Training

Our instructor training program is designed for the person that wants to become more involved in the martial arts. It will enable you to either help out with class or to become a fully qualified instructor and run classes yourself, it’s your choice how involved you become!

Free Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

The biannual free women’s self-defense workshop led by Professor Nick Chamberlain. Participants will learn techniques to avoid dangerous situations, fend off potential assailants and general self-defense methods and mentalities.