Online Training

Congratulations on joining us on the mat at Chamberlain Studios!

To get started, you can register online or download our waiver and registration forms, fill them out, and email them to

As an Online student you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Unlimited access to our live streaming kenpo classes, class archive, and training videos
  •  One 15 minute private lesson per week with one of our instructors
  • Live interactive group classes 5 days a week over Zoom
  • Introductory conference/Zoom call (15-30 minutes): Initial class set-up, meet the instructor, computer software/hardware requirements, karate supplies and equipment, question and answer time, plus: history, terminology and dojo etiquette, etc.
  • Supplies (uniforms, bags, weapons, etc) purchased online through Century Martial Arts and drop shipped to your home using our discount code
  • Chamberlain Studios training manuals available through or from the dojo


  • $155 per month for Unlimited Streaming Group classes, All Ages ($116 for second student = 25% discount)

Add Ons

  • $60 per month for one additional 15 minute private lesson each week (one included with online membership)
  • $35 per month for EACH 30 minute online private lesson

Registration Fees & Supplies (All New Students)

  • $10 Patches (CSSD Designs)
  • $60 First Student Registration ($20/year annual fee drafted on Feb. 1st)
  • $75 Family Registration (2+ members) ($20/year annual fee/ drafted PER STUDENT on Feb. 1st)
  • $35 Child Lightweight Custom CSSD Karate Uniform (Up to size 2)
  • $45 Adult Lightweight Custom CSSD Karate Uniform (Size 3 & Up)
  • $15 T-Shirt (various designs and sizes)