Padded Weapons Training

Padded Weapons training, or “Chanbara,” is an exciting way to put your weapons skills to the test!

As a great change of pace for the older kids, tweens and teens, we have introduced the fun and heart pounding excitement of Chanbara (padded weapons) You do not need to be a karate student to participate.

Learn a mixture of ancient and modern weapons techniques as you dual your classmates. Soft, padded weapons and body armor enable fast and furious battles while keeping participants safe. Kids will have a blast and get a great workout!

You may borrow our equipment for the first month and then you should purchase your own through the front desk.

Classes meet in Lakewood on Saturday mornings from 8:30-9:15am.

There is no additional charge for this class if you are enrolled in one of our other programs.

This type of training can also be the theme for a birthday party for your child, aged 7 or older. See the information under Birthday Parties for more details!