Spar Wars


Black Light padding weapons training and sleepover!


Dates TBD

Friday, 6:30 PM to Saturday at 7 AM


Lakewood Dojo

Padded Weapons Training

This event will be run by Professor Chamberlain and Dr. Kimberly Jones with parent chaperones and helpers.

Camp begin at 6:30pm with a Jedi warm up and light saber/sword drills.  Upon arrival, your child will be issued their very own lightsaber/padded sword which they are responsible for keeping with them AT ALL TIMES until they are picked up by mom or dad. Become separated from your weapon at any time, and you will have to battle through Darth Vader’s gauntlet of Doom to regain your weapon. You will return the lightsaber you have been responsible for to Sensei before you leave the dojo. We will have a pizza dinner and watch one of the original six movies!  After that, it’s back to Jedi training and and some serious fun!

If your kids have fluorescent clothes and/or Star Wars costumes they are welcome to wear them for this event, however please leave your weapons at home!  The Jedi training will take place under black lights with the glow-in-the-dark padded weapons.  For the early risers we will have one more round of Jedi training while it is still dark and then we will have breakfast.  In Lakewood we walk across to Whole Foods Market for breakfast!  Space is limited to the first 25 kids so register early!

Lakewood Dojo

Starts at 6:30pm on Friday and goes all night until Saturday morning! Pick up on Saturday morning between 7am & 10:15am. Kids who stay for the full morning, will be participating in the regular morning kids classes.


Parents’ Night Out Only (6:30p – 10:30p) – $75 per child.  25% Sibling discount.

Parents’ Night Out plus Sleepover – $100 per child.  25% Sibling discount.