After School Karate:

A community of both private and public schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, with the stated common goal of "Character Development and Fitness Through Training in the Martial Arts".

 Chamberlain Studios St Johns Karate

A listing of schools that are running our programs is under Training Locations in the "About Us" section. 

Key benefits of this program include:

  • The inherent character development structure of a traditional martial arts program.  The psychosocial benefits of regular training are well known to almost everyone, with parents enrolling their children for many reasons, including: discipline; self defense; an opportunity to learn the virtues of respect and good etiquette, and the structure of a well organized program.
  • An exciting alternative to traditional sports.  Nobody "sits on the bench".
  • The convenience of on-site, after-school programming, with classes taught by your own private school faculty members.
  • A fun, safe, competitive martial arts program offering students from member schools the opportunity to compete against other private schools on both an individual and team basis through our annual Kenpo Invitational Tournament.
  • The 3-Steps to a Great Kid™ program includes regular discussion of character virtues and how they relate to home, school and their training.  The inclusion of the Daily Chores Worksheet, helps to instill responsibility and a good work ethic in the child, as well as the empirical gains shown in academic performance.
  • By tying the student's academic performance to their training in the martial arts through the " Permission to Test" sheets (signed off on by their parents and classroom instructors), we are able to reinforce good study habits.

 Chamberlain Studios Stonewall Jackson Karate After School

  • Inclusion of The President's Challenge Physical Activity and Fitness Awards Program, as an ongoing opportunity to be active, allows the student to improve fitness and gain recognition in a nationally recognized program.
  • All instructors in the APS Karate League™ are taught by the head instructors from Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense™ through ongoing classes held at various locations in the Metroplex, monthly instructor training sessions held at the Bachman Headquarters school led by Dr. Chamberlain, private instruction and through summer camp intensives.
  • All instructor training, supplies and teaching materials are provided by Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense™ and the APS Karate League™, there are no costs to the instructor.   In addition, the instructor is paid by the APSKL to instruct and run the program.
  • The individual student curriculum contains progressive study materials covering the karate fundamentals of blocking; striking; stances; kicking and self defense.  Also included are wrestling/grappling, the history and traditions of the martial arts, and when it is appropriate to use these skills.  In addition to this, the classes include the 3-Steps to a Great Kid™ character development program.Chamberlain Studios Bishop Dunne Karate After School
  • All of this is backed by the experience and professionalism of Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense™ since 1981.





After School Karate Programs:

Mockingbird Elementary dojo:Stonewall Group3
Mockingbird Elementary School (Kids classes at I-75 and Mockingbird)
Dallas ISD, Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Kory Helfman.
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The Learning Tree dojo:
The Learning Tree preschool (preschool kids)
Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, shihan Rollend Nery


St. John's dojo
St. John's Episcopal School (Kids 4-12)
Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Morgan Martinez


Good Shepherd dojo
Davinci After School Karate 2012Good Shepherd Episcopal School (Kids 4-12)
Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Kellyn Laurinski


Lake Highlands dojo
Lake Highlands Elementary School, Dallas ISD (Elementary kids classes)
Dallas ISD, Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Leighanne Gormley



Wesley Prep Karate After School Program 2 2012


Wesley Prep dojo
Wesley Prep,
North Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, professor Nick Chamberlain


Hyer dojo
Hyer Elementary, 
Highland Park ISD, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Tom Ballinger


Greenhill dojo
Greenhill school,
Addison, TX
Head Instructor, shihan Rollend Nery


Parish dojo

Parish Episcopal School, Lower Campus,
(Hillcrest) North Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Kellyn Laurinski

Parish dojo

Parish Episcopal School, Upper Campus,
(Midway) North Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Mea McMahon


Merriman Park dojo

Merriman Park Elementary,
Dallas ISD, Dallas, TX
Head Instructor, sensei Kellyn Laurinski


Preston Hollow dojo
Preston Hollow Elementary,
Dallas ISD, Dallas, TX
Head Instructor: sensei Chris Matlock



Don't see your school on the list?  Call us to see how we can start a karate after school program at your school!