CSSD Warrior Weekend Information:

You are packing for Friday Night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. 
This is a list of items that will help to make your weekend run smoothly...

Download the Personal Packing List HERE!!

Things to bring:

Important:  Please bring a blow up mattress if you have one

1.          Test reports.  If this is your first test then just the KENPO report.  If this is under Black Belt (Mudansha) then just the relevant BOOK report.  If you are testing for Black Belt (Yudansha) then you need both a BOOK report and a FOUNDERS report.  Yes, they need to be typed.  No you can't hand it in late (it will be read by the examination board)  Yes, you can stay up all night on Friday and write it... (ask one of our pastors for help... they are experienced in this!)  

2.          Typed test material.  One for you and one for Professor, Shihan and the testing board.  

3.          Full Gi with appropriate patches, Belt, sneakers, etc.  You will be getting very wet, so bring some old ratty sneakers for Battle Beach.  The open toe and flip flop idea has been tried and discarded since rocks and things get sucked under your feet.  

4.          Maybe a second Gi for when the first one is wet and stinky... or a hanger to let the first one dry out!  

5.          A small backpack is a good idea since we will go offsite at times.  Things to put in it include: water, sunscreen, bug spray, towel, snacks, old sneakers, etc.  

6.          Towels, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, changes of clothes, etc.  

7.          Film, camera, video recorder, batteries, etc.  

8.          Drinks: water: bring a case of water or a 1 gallon container w/ water bottle to refill.  Sports drinks are recommended as well.  Remember, it can still be very hot in early October.  

9.          Don't forget your belt...Replacements are $25 for white to green, $40 for brown and $50 for Black...  

10.        Did I mention snacks?  

11.        Flashlights.  

12.        Ear plugs!  No, not for shooting, for sleeeeping!  

13.        Bug spray, citronella candles.  

14.        Don't just throw everything in the car, prepare for this like any trip and pack it in a suitcase, bag or trash bag (be careful, these have been thrown away by mistake).  Inside, consider bringing...

15.        Flashlight: (this is a necessity), Sunscreen, Hat, Bug spray, Water shoes or (old tennis shoes), 1 roll of paper towels, Towel (large for shower, small for backpack), Linens or sleeping bag, Pillow, Toiletries: (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, brush, shower flip flops, towels, shampoo, soap, one roll of toilet paper), Allergy medicine (if needed), Medicine (if needed), T-shirts - minimum 2, Undergarments, Socks,

16.        **********--whatever casual clothes you would like to change into during weekend  

17.        Breakfast for Saturday morning.

18.        Air mattress, pillow and linens and/or optional sleeping bag.  

19.        Weapons needed for self defense portion of test.  

20.        Weapons for Kata portion of test (Bo, Kama, Sword, Sai, etc.)  

21.        Boards for your breaking demonstration on Sunday morning (Mudansha ranks).  

22.        Boards or concrete pavers for those testing for ranks in Yudansha for your breaking demo on Saturday

Good food will be provided at every meal:

  • Bring prepared breakfast food to eat if you have special dietary requirements, allergies or sensitivities (or see Dr. Jones to get helped!).  Examples: breakfast bars, granola, dry cereal, fruit.  For those who want or need more…you will need extra food items to cook.  
  • For those coffee drinkers: bring a coffee pot, or coffee press or boiling pan.

For those 21 years and older:  it is recommended to BYOB(eer), BYOW(ine), or BYOS(ake).

Important:  Please bring a blow up mattress if you have one