Warrior Weekend &
Black Belt Testing
in Gasan Ryu Kenpo

Registration for Warrior Weekend 2019!


We are excited to announce the location for Warrior Weekend 2019 is: 
Camp Kiowa at Lone Oak Ranch in Gainsville, Texas

Visit the Camp Carter Website Here:  

Warrior Weekend is the annual Black Belt test for Chamberlain Studios.  Testing includes both Mudansha (colored belts) and Yudansha (graded ranks in Black Belt) levels in Gasan Ryu Kenpo.  The event is done largely outdoors at a facility that contains the elements of: reasonably priced housing, water access, open level ground, commercial kitchen space and indoor space for demonstrations and the promotion ceremony.  Warrior Weekend 2019 will be held on the weekend of Friday night October 4th, Saturday October 5th and Sunday morning October 6th.  The weather should be... TBD!°  +

For the last several years, we have had many of our out-of-town black belts arrive in Dallas a few days early to hang out at the dojo, take group classes, take some private lessons with Shihan Rollend or Professor Chamberlain, and enjoy the company of our extended family.  Response to this has been overwhelmingly positive and we have decided to make these pre-Warrior Weekend workouts a set part of the weekend's activities!  If you would like to come in and join us, we can arrange home-stays with our karate families or suggest local hotels in the area.  

Professor Chamberlain encourages everyone to participate in these events to build our family Ohana, instead of flying or driving directly in to the location for the weekend. 

Group Shot

Warrior Weekend 2019 Information Updates:

We hope you are all having a great year so far!  We are getting closer to Warrior Weekend 2018, and the planning crew is getting all of the details nailed down to ensure we will all have another fantastic weekend. 

The 2019 Warrior Weekend Location is Camp Kiowa

Keep an eye out for sign up sheets at both dojos where you can volunteer to help escort, carpool and/or house some of our out-of-town guests who will be visiting for this event.    In addition, if you would like to help plan/organize in any capacity for the weekend, please get in touch with us at info@DallasKenpo.com

Mudansha/Colored Ranks

If you have recently started training with Chamberlain Studios or have a couple of ranks under your belt (so to speak), then you will be interested to know how you progress in your Kenpo rank and work towards your Black Belt.  As a rough outline, CSSD runs belt tests every 4 months - February, June & October (with October being Warrior Weekend and Black Belt testing).  All 3 of these annual tests are an opportunity to gain rank in Gasan Ryu Kenpo.  Think of this more in line with a college degree.  Instead of being "invited" to each individual test, you are instead EXPECTED to prepare and be ready to test every 4 months.  Once you get to Brown Belt, you will need to skip one of these tests in order to have enough "time in grade" for your Black Belt.  Try to make the February or June test your "skip" test, NOT Warrior Weekend.

Yudansha & Yudansha Candidates

In response to your questions, Professor Chamberlain has posted the information below in regards to those individuals planning to test for any of the Yudansha (black belt) ranks.  This serves as a reminder of the requirements Professor Chamberlain laid out for the potential candidates, so hopefully there will be no last minute surprises regarding either who is eligible to test, or what is expected.  If you are having trouble with any of the guidelines below, please discuss these with Professor Chamberlain NOW!!  Don't wait and just show up to Warrior Weekend assuming the guidelines don't apply to you. 

Message from Professor Chamberlain:

*Testing for ranks within black belt requires you to have fulfilled the basic "time in grade" requirement, along with knowledge of the techniques in our curriculum for White Belt through your current rank.  Beyond that, if you are testing for Nidan or higher, you need to be teaching on a regular basis, and your personal development training in the dojo should be on an average of at least 1½ times per week.    

In addition, it cannot be overstated how important it is for the higher ranking black-belts especially, to be actively involved in the dojo.  One of the things that sets our school apart from others, is our close-knit, family atmosphere.  These values are things that trickle down from the top ranks and get passed along as new students join the fold.  All black belts who desire to continue moving up in the ranks of Gasan Ryu Kenpo need to be helping out at dojo events such as the Tournament, belt tests (kids & adults), school carnivals, seminars, women's self defense workshops, etc.  There are many, many things during the year in which we need people to help out.   Our goal as a dojo is to continue to grow and impact our community in a positive way.  With help, we will be able to do more community outreach, get our name out there more, teach at more schools, and ideally, open additional dojo locations!!  High ranking black belts need to be invested in the success of our school.  Please bear this in mind as you prepare for your upcoming belt test. 

Here are two quick stories that have helped shape my understanding and help put this in perspective. 

1.   My good friend Tony, whom I have known since high school, retired from the Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel after a brilliant career as a pilot and flight instructor.  He had more ribbons on his chest than most high ranking Generals.  I asked him why he held his current rank and he said that to remain doing what he loved (which was flying every minute he could) he had turned down promotion opportunities on a regular basis.  For him, promotion meant that he would be at the Pentagon or commander of a base and he would then be behind a desk instead of in a cockpit.  He made a choice, more flying or more rank and responsibility.  Now retired, he flies private jets for a living - "Blue Skies!"

How does this relate to our ranks?  If you want to devote yourself to just working out and training and remain out of the areas of responsibility that go into the success of the dojo, you will be limiting your advancement to the higher ranks in Gasan Ryu Kenpo.

2.  Some friends took my wife and me to their church for service on a Sunday morning a few years ago.  When the priest got up for the sermon it was his first opportunity to speak with the congregation as he had just joined the church as their new leader.  He spoke simply and honestly about his plans for the future and one thing in particular has stuck with me ever since.  He stated that he intended to measure his success not by how much money he was able to collect in the offering, but in the sense of community and family he was able to create within the congregation. 

How does this relate to our ranks?  A sense of family and community is developed from the top down and takes involvement and commitment from the higher ranks and instructors as well as the new students.  It is maintained by seeing each other at dojo activities and renewing friendships during events, by sharing responsibilities and by supporting each other in our lives and goals as martial artists.

Thanks, and Happy Training! 


Rough Itinerary for Warrior Weekend 2019


1.          FRIDAY: Various groups are meeting at the dojo to coordinate carpooling

2.          FRIDAY: Arrive sometime Friday afternoon/night.  Make sure you pick up a Housing Arrangement Map that shows which lodge you are staying in.

3.          SATURDAY:  The test starts on Saturday at 8:30am.  Breakfast is on your own since most people have a special "test breakfast." However, we will have some items such as bananas, etc. available.  We will go until noon with short breaks for snacks and water etc.

4.          SATURDAY:  Lunch will be from noon to 1 pm and will be catered and is included in the price. 

5.          SATURDAY:  Testing continues at Battle Beach and Soldier's Field.

6.          SATURDAY:  Testing concludes at 4:30pm.

7.          SATURDAY:  Group photos taken.

8.          SATURDAY:  Dinner is catered at around 6pm and is included in the price.

9.          SATURDAY:   Evening activities start at 7:00pm.  There will be a 45 minute Presentation/Demo by those testing for ranks in Black Belt.  This will be geared for the family, friends and classmates that came to join you and show their support.  A few self defense techniques followed by each person performing a break and then kata, Promotion ceremony and awards starting directly after.

10.        SATURDAY:  There is no "Junior" drinking!  Spam sandwiches available here!

11.        SUNDAY:      8:30a-10:15am workout run by our out of town senseis.

12.        SUNDAY:      10:15am breakfast.  Large catered breakfast is included in the price.

13.        SUNDAY:      12pm clean up, pack up and head out!

Here is the Things to bring list: last updated from the 2013 trip by sensei Jimmy!

"Maps to get you there" will be posted here soon!

Important:  Please bring a blow up mattress if you have one

Most of us will be leaving after work on Friday from the dojo.  If you have the afternoon free, you can check in as early as TBD.  Leave the lights on for us!! 

2019 anticipated Costs (may change as things develop):
The costs are bundled together, but I have broken them out so you can figure costs for family and friends etc.  The costs shown are last years as an example.  We will try to keep them close or the same.  Totals are for the weekend and include:

Lodging:  the $145 includes both nights lodging, one custom event t-shirt, and all food on Saturday & Sunday. Friday night dinner is either on your own, or you may register for the dinner we're bringing in - Will be added to the registration page shortly!!  Check to see where you are on the lodging sheet once you arrive.

Housing arrangements are made when you have paid for the weekend, on a first paid - first housed basis.
See sensei Kellyn to make payment.  Housing/Rooming arrangements are done usually the week of the trip and will be distributed as we arrive.

Food:  Friday night: there are snacks available.  Dinner is typically on your own, but this year we will be bringing in dinner for those people who REGISTER & PAY IN ADVANCE.  This is for those who plan on arriving early on Friday, or at least by dinnertime. Saturday: Breakfast snacks available, Lunch and Dinner and snacks (did I mention SPAM).  Sunday: Full breakfast.

Testing: As shown below.

If you are testing for Black Belt rank in Karazenpo Goshinjutsu there is an additional $100 fee.  You will recieve a black belt certificate of rank but no belt.  We can order you another belt if you wish, just let us know.


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Lodging, Meals
WW Shirt $145









Testing Fee









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