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The best defense? A good offense
Mar 28 2013 by Lindsay Baronoskie

Self Defense Workshopkick

Hundreds of women learned self-defense techniques from Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense

Self Defense Workshop2

The LHHS gym was packed with women ready to go

Self Defense Workshop Sponsors

Dr. Chamerlain and his instructors led the evening's workshop

Chamberlain Demonstration

Dr. Chamberlain demonstrated self-defense techniques before women practiced

Self Defense Workshop Sponsors1

Kira Hartgrove and Stephani Walne, representing the LHAECPTA and the LHJWL, sponsors of the evening's event

Community Tshirts Self Defense

Proceeds from the sale of Lake Highlands Community t-shirts benefit the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

Self Defense Workshop1
Hundreds of women showed up to the Lake Highlands High School gym Wednesday night to learn self-defense techniques from Dr. Nick Chamberlain and his instructors from Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense.

The event was sponsored by the Lake Highlands Junior Women's League (LHJWL) and the Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA (LHAECPTA).

Stephani Walne, president of the LHJWL, and Kira Hartgrove, LHAECPTA member, opened the event by thanking the Dallas Police Department for their presence and work in the community.

"We are excited to provide this opportunity for the women of Lake Highlands and to introduce us all to safety tips and self-defense techniques," said Walne.

"We are here to support the women in our community, and by providing these skills and this event, community fortitude is fostered," Hartgrove added.

After thanking LHHS wrestling Coach Grieder for the use of the wrestling mats for the evening, Dr. Chamberlain began his instruction.

"Our job tonight is to provide very specific instruction to you that would help you defend yourself if you were ever in a situation that called for it," explained Chamberlain.

"We want to help you by giving you options and choices. You have the choice to fight back or not - neither is the right or wrong choice, but it is your choice. If you decide to fight, then those are the skills we are here to teach you tonight," he concluded.

Chamberlain also explained that fighting should be the very last option, and mentioned the Dallas Police Department's free home security inspections.

Chief Acord and several police officers from the Northeast Division were on hand to support the event as well.

DPD recently distributed their Residential Security Manual to the community. Inside, you can find details about how to schedule an officer's visit to inspect your home.

"The first step to staying out of danger is to secure your house to keep out criminals," said Dr. Chamberlain.

However, in the event that you absolutely have to defend yourself, Chamberlain recommended the following techniques:

• Punching will do you no good! You want to hit with open hands, using your nails.

• Go for the eyes, face, throat, groin, knees or feet.

• If you are grabbed from the front, ALWAYS put your hands up between you and immediately turn sideways, then use your open hand to go for the face.

• If you are grabbed from behind, head butt the attacker with the back of your head, then grab the groin and twist.

• Stomp on feet or kick the groin to disable the attacker, so you can get away.

The goal of these techniques is to allow the few seconds you need to put distance between yourself and the attacker. These skills should give you a chance to run and get help.

Following Chamberlain's demonstration, all women were invited down to the mats to practice.

In addition to the self-defense techniques being taught, several other organizations were there to support the event.

Volunteers in Patrol pass out information on the VIP neighborhood program.

Monica Urbaniah and Katy Perkins with the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center distributed cards and brochures about the center.

"We are here to provide support and services," Urbaniah said. "All of our services are free and confidential, and our hotline is available 24/7."

"You can also volunteer with the Rape Crisis Center," Perkins explained. "We have a volunteer program coming up in April for anyone interested."

Residents also had an opportunity to support the organization by purchasing a Lake Highlands Community t-shirt of which 100% of the proceeds are being donated to the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.

For more information on Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense, visit their website.

To view the Residential Security Manual provided by the Dallas Police Department, click HERE.

Once you've read through it, call 214.671.0160 to schedule your free home safety inspection.

For more information on the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center or to learn how you can volunteer, visit their website.

For more information on the Lake Highlands Community t-shirts, visit Facebook.