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Master Roger Lee

Sensei Roger Lee (7th degree Master) is the co-founder of the Kenpo Arts Alliance.  He started his martial training in 1969 consisting primarily of freestyle wrestling and Judo.  His passion led him to the Tracy's school of martial arts in Louisville KY, where he trained with Jim Stewart and Gary Avery until he reached instructor status in 1973. 

Sensei Lee moved to southern California and studied Yoga and Tai Chi, while becoming heavily involved with hands-on studies, comparing and assimilating different martial art styles.  He later returned to Louisville and reached a rank of 2nd degree black belt in 1979.  He decided to take his skills to the ring as a professional kick boxer in the early 80s (PKA and WKA).

Over the decades, this accomplished martial artist has attended numerous tournaments and seminars to openly demonstrate and share his vast knowledge with both colleagues and students alike.  Sensei Lee's seminars depict subtle-yet-effective defensive techniques, using short-focus strikes & torques to good effect.

Sensei Lee is an inductee and a charter member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame since its inception in Chicago, IL on June 23rd, 2007.  In August of 2011, Sensei Lee received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the world of self-defense.

Arts taught at Sensei Lee's Leedo Kenpo (Home) Dojo, Louisville, KY:

Kenpo - An adult-level self-defense art, using a mixture of Kung-Fu, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Kali.

Tai Chi - A holistic moving meditation & combative self-defense art, enhancing mental focus, agility, and serenity.

Kali - A martial art rooted in Philippines, using weapons according to their unique characteristics.


Sharing My "Bag-O-Tricks"

This is what I teach as a Leedo Kenpo Dojo Intro, because most people can put-up-their-dukes, but haven't a clue as to what to do when already grabbed; so I give them a few clues. Also, my instruction is geared toward adults (16 & over). First, I provide a simple demonstration of short-focus (touch-punch) striking for each seminar attendee. Then, comes a presentation of seven rather unique grab-defenses. What is not covered in the first session (on Friday), will be covered in the second session (on Saturday). So in addition to the Touch-Punch Demo, seminar attendees will experience (1)Mantis Drop (2)Scissor Jack (3)Smack Down (4)Monkey Wrench (5)Ejection Seat (6)Poke & Shove (7)Flying Bulldog. The most common response I get for to this presentation is . . . "That was cool" . . . so come see for yourself. 

                                                      Having discovered that I'm slated to teach AM/PM Seminars both Fri & Sat, I'll be sharing my 'Bag-O-Tricks' Fri AM/PM, and some 'Sneaky Tai Chi' at the Sat AM/PM sessions. Now, watching the slow, therapeutic form of Tai Chi, one might suppose it to be a long-range martial art; when in fact, it is as close-range as Kenpo. Therefore, the Sneaky Tai Chi seminar will start with a simple demonstration of 'short-focus' (touch-punch) striking, for those unfamiliar with the concept.

                                                      Next, since Tai Chi started out as Kung-Fu, rather than therapeutic-movement; seven Kenpo-like self-defense techniques gleaned from the 16 (Hand) Yang Form, will be presented at the Sat AM/PM sessions for your edification. So all I can tell you is to show up and have some fun. Who knows, you may pick up a trick or two. See you there.