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Master John Bain

John Bain was born in the mid 50's in Fayetteville, NC and moved to Bowie, MD in the early 60's. The spark that started John Bain's martial arts fire was the TV show, "The Green Hornet". This show co-starred the world famous martial artist Bruce Lee as Kato. This led him to his introduction to Tae Kwon-Do by Master Soo Young Cha at the age of 12 (1969). When money became an obstacle he trained with friends in the backyard. Some years later, while serving in the  U. S. Navy (1977 - 1983), his serious martial arts instruction began at the Chuck Norris Karate Studio in Norfolk, VA. It was because of the quality instruction and the personal relationship developed with the instructors, that a burning desire was instilled in him to research and learn as much as possible about the martial arts.

He went to Korea in 1984, and studied the Korean language at Yonsai University and Tae Kwon-Do at the Korean National College of Physical Education in Seoul. This experience was priceless as it gave him a real insight into the Korean culture and lifestyle. Upon returning to the United States, he set out to study and experience many other martial art systems. In 1985 he was introduced to Pai Lum Pai Kenpo/Kung Fu and trained with various instructors including Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai. In 1986 Professor Remy Presas introduced him to the Filipino martial arts. Also in 1986 he was introduced to Wah Lum Praying Mantis and Tai Chi Chuan.

It was in 1988 that a national chain of Tae Kwon Do schools hired him to teach and manage many of their schools throughout the east coast. In 1991 Grandmaster Dominick Giacobbe (Tang Soo Do) became his instructor. Grandmaster Giacobbe instilled in him the traditional martial arts philosophy that emphasizes the ideals of personal and social development, rather than sports competition. In 1992, a chance meeting led to his training to be renewed in the Filipino martial arts in 1993. Also in 1993 he met and trained with Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi. Grandmaster Choi's martial arts system (Choi Kwang Do) opened his eyes to the use of different concepts and modern science in the martial arts instead of old methods that may do damage to the practitioner over a period of time. In 1994, Mr. Bain became a Guro (teacher) under his instructor, Ama Guro (Father-Teacher) Rufino Pambuan. Ama Guro is the 8th Generation inheritor of the family system, and instilled the virtues of the true combat arts in Mr. Bain. Later Ama-Guro Raffy Pambuan's father, Lolo-Guro Isidro Pambuan, recognized him as the first guro outside the family.

1996 saw the introduction of Grandmaster Jack Hogan and Grandmaster Al Tracy into his martial art life. This was Mr. Bain's first introduction to Kyusho Jutsu (Pressure Point Skills) with Grandmaster Jack Hogan. It wasn't until 2002 that Mr. Bain began to study this art in earnest through Grandmaster Hogan and his Texas State Representative, Master David Jones. Also, Mr. Bain began his training with Grandmaster Al Tracy of the Tracy Kenpo System. Grandmaster Tracy has been a mentor ever since. His wisdom in curriculum development, teaching, and how to run a school has been invaluable to Mr. Bain. Ama Guro Raffy bestowed the title of Punong Guro in the art of Tulisan Kuntaw in 1996. He was awarded the title Maestro Guro (Teacher of Teachers) when the name of Tulisan Kuntaw was changed to Spirit Warrior Kuntaw on July of 2000. The reason for the name change from Tulisan Kuntaw to Spirit Warrior Kuntaw was Mr. Bain's walk in his faith. A second reason was that within the Filipino community, Tulisan, was not recognized by its old meaning of "Bandit" but its current translation of being a gangster.

In 1998 Mr. Bain came to the Dallas area as an instructor for Chuck Norris'KICKSTART KIDS Foundation (Formally Kick Drugs Out Of America). It has been due to and during this period that Mr. Bain has been able to hone his craft of teaching. Working for KICKSTART KIDS has had a dramatic effect on Mr. Bain, when the saying, "Saving and Changing Children's Lives" began to be obvious to him that he was doing just that (  The title of Kuya Guro (Older Brother Teacher) in the family system of Pambuan Arnis was bestowed on July of 2006. In March and May of 2008 Ama-Guro Raffy Pambuan and the World Head Of Family Sokeship Council recognized him as the Founder of the House of Five Methods Kenpo Karate (Go Hou Kan Kenpo Karate), a system that brings together the best of all his learning. This is a living system, and as Mr. Bain continues to grow, so does the art. Mr. Bain owes his life-long love of the arts to his teachers that came before him, most importantly GGM Al Tracy and Ama-Guro Raffy Pambuan, who opened their heart to a person searching of a Martial Arts Family!

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