Patrice Lim Bio Headshot

GM Patrice Lim

Grandmaster Hanshi Patrice began her training in Hawaii Kenpo in 1983 under Sōke George Lim. Promoted to black belt in 1991 by 'Chief' Al Tejero, CHA-3 Kenpo Karate Brotherhood Club of Hawaii, San Diego Chapter & GM Julian Generalao.

Promoted to black belt in 1993 by Sōke George Lim. Senior rank promotions 5th-7th came directly from Sijo Adriano Emperado & GM Xizu Allen Abad. 8th Degree Professor promotion came from Sōke George Lim in 2008. Presently continues her training under Sōke George Lim.

Training under Dai Shihan 'Uncle' Ted Tabura in Kobudo Katana weaponry. Practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine healing arts under Great Grandmaster Vince Black. Advisement & consultation by Olohe 'Papa Sol' Kaihewalu.

After falling in love with the most beautiful islands, people and culture on earth, Patrice Lim's goal is to enrich other people with the same love of Hawaiian culture. I can never repay my teacher, Sōke George Lim for the truly precious gifts he has given me. I pay it forward. Learning Hawaii Kenpo is parallel to knowing him well and finding that rare treasure we all search for in life.