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GM John Patrick Nieto

Chuan Fa America
John Patrick Nieto President
A Kenpo organization based in Albuquerque, NM and Las Vegas Nevada.
HQ address is P.O.Box 4279 Albuquerque NM 87196
A member in good standing of the Tracy organization. 

GM JP Nieto Arm Bar

My training started in 1959 in Riverside California with the Matsutatsu Oyama folk.

1963 to 1966 Ismael Franco, New Mexico, Escrima, Shorinji Kempo, Judo, Kendo.

1966 to 1989 Trained with Traco/Tracy's International Kenpo Karate.

1971 to 1975 Coach and Trainer For Various Navy Athletes.

Established martial arts Training at Various Duty Stations.

Coach Amateur fighters, Boxing, Karate, Kick Boxing.

Between 1975 and 2005 I was a co-trainer and coach with the Bill Packer Bad Company kickboxing fighting team in Albuquerque, New Mexico producing a dozen world champion kick boxers. I was a business partner with Tomas Connor and Bill Packer creating the largest martial arts franchise in that period.

1975 to 1995 Traco International & American Kenpo Karate Academies.

Program Director - Regional Director - Co-Owner.

Established and Maintained Karate Schools in Missouri, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Mexico.

Developed and implemented training programs for instructors.

Developed and implemented business procedure for karate school mangers and owners.

Developed and implemented sales technology for management and owners of karate schools.

Trainer and head coach for Amateur and Professional Kick Boxers.

1989 After the death of my Karate instructor Tomas Connor, I developed a closer relationship with Master Al Tracy of  Tracy's Kenpo exclusively.

I am the President of Chuan-Fa America in Albuquerque.  I specialize in recovery therapy  for senior citizens through kenpo and Tai Chi Ch'uan.

In 1995 I established a Martial Arts program at the Downtown Sports & Wellness in Albuquerque.

John Patrick Nieto Bigkick 

Martial Arts Training Experience and Ranks

International Kenpo Lifetime Achievement Award August 2011

International Kenpo Hall of Fame, Inducted June 23, 2007, Chicago, Il.

1959 to 1963 Trained with (Masutatsu Oyama) Kyokushinkai Karate, Riverside, California.

1963 to 1966 Ismael Franco, New Mexico, Escrima, Kenpo, Judo, Kendo

1965 to 1989 Tomas Connor Traco International

1966 to 1989 Trained with Traco International Kenpo Karate Tai Chi Chuan

1971 to 1975 Kick Boxing, Jujitsu, Weapons, Escrima, Boxing (USN Activity) Manila, Tokyo, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

GM JP Nieto Mike Bush

1990 to Present, President of Chuan Fa America (Kenpo Karate

1995 to Present, Martial Arts Director Sports and Wellness (Downtown Albuquerque)

1st Degree Black Belt Traco International November 1968

2nd Degree Black Belt Traco International November 1971

3rd Degree Black Belt Traco International November 1974

4th Degree Black Belt Traco International November 1978

5th Degree Black Belt Amercan Ch'uan Fa Society January 1981

6th Degree Black Belt Amercan Ch'uan Fa Society July 1987

7th Degree Black Belt Amercan Ch'uan Fa Society March 1991

8th Degre Black Belt Tracy's International October 1994

9th Degree Black Belt Amercan Ch'uan Fa Society 1999

9th Degree Black Belt  Tracy's Kenpo 2001

10th Degree Black Belt Chuan Fa America August 2010

10th Degree Black Belt Tracy"s International June 2013


John Patrick Nieto Tokyo 2010

As a vocalist, my development was driven by the blues, jazz and big band sounds influenced by male and female artists. As a musician, harmonica, bass and guitar all self taught. As a vocal and harmonica instructor I was required to develop classical music skills.  Some of the music of GM JPN can be purchased and downloaded from the website



Grand Master John Patrick Nieto teaching at the "Last Man Standing" event in Dallas Texas in August, 2016

Come and train with this diverse and experienced instructor in 2017!