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GM Joe Rebello

Joseph P. Rebelo II is the Senior Instructor of Rebelo's Kenpo Karate (which includes the NINDORYU FUDOSHIN KOBUKAI and the DRAGON MASTER KUNG FU ACADEMY - Lung Si Gung Kung Fu Kwoon). He has been involved in, and at, the Martial Arts for over 37 years.

As a instructor, Mr. Rebelo has taught for over a quarter century in Southeastern Massachusetts area. He has been the owner/operator of 5 commercial studios. In the past,he has taught countless students at the New Bedford YMCA & YWCA, The North End Youth Agency, The Faunce Corner Racquetball Club, The New Bedford Boys & Girls Club, as well as outreach classes at various locations. He has been a self defense instructor for the New Bedford Auxillary Police and the New Bedford Chapter of the Guardian Angels. He has instructed civic groups such as the Southeastern business woman's group on his "Everyday Gestures that will save your life" lecture for practical self defense. He has taught group and private lessons thoughout his tenure, Now focusing on long-distance advanced students as well as local individuals. He is considered by many as a "Walking encyclopedia of Martial arts".

As a tournament competitor, Mr. Rebelo was in the top ten for both KRANE (Karate Referees Association of New England) & PKL (Professional Karate League) in 1989. Where He was listed in "Karate Illustrated" magazine and was the first top ten rated competitor performing Mr. Parker's Forms in tournaments in New England. He has also promoted/produced 3 open tournaments in the New Bedford area.

A noted martial arts historian, Mr Rebelo is frequently asked for information on various arts and has been quoted in texts as well as on the internet as a valued resouce on martial arts history. He has been inducted into 2 Halls of fame as a historian. He has one of the largest martial arts book, magazine and video collections in the United States. He has also been a featured TV announcer for the Ocean State Grand Nationals and the Junior National Karate Championships & co-hosted "Championship Kickboxing" in the Rhode Island area. Later, He created Television programs: "Martial Arts Today TV", "Self Defense & You" and the self titled "Rebelo's Kenpo Karate". Presently, He has produced over a dozen instructional DVDs on the diverse arts in which he holds rank.

Mr. Rebelo Presently holds the following ranks / titles in the martial arts:

  • 8th Degree BLACK BELT (HACHIDAN) in Nindo Ryu Kobujutsu (Title of "Kyoshi")
  • 5th Degree BLACK BELT (GODAN) in Karazenpo Goshinjutsu (MA. Co-Vice Pres)
  • 5th Degree BLACK BELT (GODAN) in Chuan Fa/Kempo (Kajukenpo-Pai Lum)[Sigung]
  • 5th Degree BLACK BELT (Associate Professor) in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate
  • 5th Degree BLACK BELT in David German's T.A.I.(Transitional Action Incorporated)
  • 5th Degree BLACK BELT (GODAN) in Nindo Ryu Atemido
  • 4th Degree BLACK BELT (YODAN) in Nindo Ryu Goshin Jujutsu
  • 4th Degree BLACK BELT (YODAN) in Nindo Ryu Gendai Ninjutsu [Taijutsu]
  • 4th Degree BLACK BELT (YODAN) in Nindo Ryu Iaijutsu
  • 1st Degree BLACK BELT (YEEDAN) in Tai Chuan Tao
  • 1st Degree BLACK BELT in Tae Kwon Do
  • 1st Degree BLACK BELT (SHODAN) in George Elmer's American Chinese Kenpo Karate [Technical Advisor]
  • 1st Degree BLACK BELT (SHODAN) in Mark Shuey's Canemasters Curriculum
  • 1st Degree/Level BLACK BELT/SASH (Hei-Se) in Shao Choy Hung Kung Fu [Chin Na-5 Animal Style-Chuan Fa]
  • SIFU in Tai Chi Chuan (Wu's Short 24, Yang's Long 108, and Chen's Short 24 Forms
  • INSTRUCTOR in American-Filipino Arnis-Escrima-Kali Training System
  • World Combat Arts Federation Massachusetts Representative

Honorary BLACK SASH Level in Raven Kenpo Jujutsu [Technical Advisor]