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GM Bart Vale

World champion shootfighter Bart Vale is one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts in the United States. Vale began his training in kenpo karate in Miami in 1970 with the Al Tracy organization. He currently holds a 10th degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo.

GM Bart Vale LMS 2016 Standing

He has continued to seek out the best training available and GM Vale has been awarded a 4th degree black belt under Ed Parker Sr. and a 1st degree black belt under the legendary William K.S. Chow.

After competing as a kickboxer, Vale began training in grappling and freestyle fighting under Masami Soranaka and Yoshiaki Fujiwara of the Japan-based Universal Wrestling Federation in the mid-1980s.

Vale coined the term "shootfighting" to describe this new mixed martial arts style which combined kickboxing with shooting, or legitimate wrestling, and co-founded the International Shootfighting Association to help promote the sport. One of the first foreigners to compete in Japan, Vale became the first American to win a world shootfighting championship in 1992. He has competed in Shootfighting, kickboxing and no-holds-barred matches in Japan, the United States and Russia for the UWF, Fujiwara Gumi, Rings, K-1 and Extreme Fighting and also promoted the first professional shootfighting matches held outside of Japan.

One of the only martial artists ever featured in Sports Illustrated, Vale has also been the subject of magazine articles in Men's Fitness and Muscle & Fitness as well as appearing on MTV and CNN. The author of the book, Shootfighting: The Ultimate Martial Art, he has appeared in several movies including Invasion USA. His Miami-based organization, the ISFA, has over 20 affiliated gyms and martial arts schools around the world to help promote the sport of Shootfighting. 

Vale has the only school in the US that was certified and licensed by Yoshiaki Fujiwara and Masami Soranaka.

There will be several opportunities to train with GM Bart Vale at the 2017 "Last Man Standing" event.  There are the "Extreme Kenpo" workshops that are designed for the traditional Kenpo crowd. Then there are two Break-Out worshops designed for the Kenpo/MMA and the MMA crowd.  They consist of:

Break-Out Session #1.
Shootfighting with Grandmaster Bart Vale!  "Shootfighting - Short Course".
2 hours on Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm.  Cost for the 2 hour workshop is $75.  If you are registered for the Kenpo weekend then this Saturday portion of the Shootfighting training is included in your registration price at no additional charge!
Break-Out Session #2.
Shootfighting with Grandmaster Bart Vale!  "Shootfighting - Long Course". 
12-15 hours.  For those interested in adding Shootfighting to their dojo programming or for those who just want to see where the "rubber meets the road" in competitive MMA fighting.  This is a unique opportunity to do some semi private/group instruction with one of the founders of MMA.  GM Bart will be offering a complete training program for beginner through advanced certification (depending on your level of expertise and experience) starting on Thursday.  This training will consist of 2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday and then two hours on Saturday for a total of 12 hours of training for $1200.  This includes both individual and school licensing fees for Shootfighting.  An optional add-on session for Sunday is available (add $300) after a discussion with GM Vale. 

If you are registered for the Kenpo weekend, then the 2 hour "Short Course" on Saturday is included in your registration price!


GM Bart Vale Workshop Last Man Standing 2016

The "Shootfighting " Workshop on Saturday afternoon at the "Last Man Standing" event in Dallas, Texas, August 2016.