Last Man Standing - 2017
August 11-13th, 2017

The 2016 event was so much fun, the Grand Masters have decided to do it again in 2017 !


GGM Al Tracy will be returning to Dallas in 2017 for another weekend of Kenpo Martial Arts, family and fun!  All of the 2016 instructors have already commited to the 2017 event, plus the new 2017 Hall of Fame inductees!, and we are excited to be able to once again present such a distinguished and skilled group of instructors.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that the "KENPO HALL OF FAME" will be a part of this years event!  A big "Thank You" to GGM Al Tracy for allowing us to host this event!

Inductees for 2017 are nominated by existing HOF members and then voted on accordingly.  If you are an existing Kenpo Hall of Fame member, just fill out the nomination form and return to:

Instructors and Training:

Last Man Standing Instructor Poster 2016 Chamberlain Studios - Low Res

A weekend of Kenpo related Seminars with Great Grand Master Al Tracy as well as Tracy Seniors and peers: GM Roger Greene, GM Ted Sumner, GM Bart Vale, GM John Patrick Nieto, M Mark Tracy, GM George Lim, GM Nick Chamberlain, GM Rich Fescina, GM Patrice Lim, GGM J. Pat Burleson, GM Richard Morris, GM Roy Kurban, M Kiyoshi Takeuchi, M Joe Rebelo, GM Ted Gambordela, GM Gary Lee, M John DeLuca, M Bill Parker,. M George Thibault, M Mike Bush, M Rollend Nery, M Dave Hopper, M John Bain, M Armando Sallas Amaro, M Henry Childers, M Joshua Ortega-Scheiner, M John Deluca, M Roger Lee, M Stuart Gavin, M Landa Miller, M James Cox and S Jimmy Mathis.  Specific instructors, workshop times and content TBA and will be posted as received.  Below is the 2016 Instructor Poster!

For those who have never met or trained with Grandmaster Tracy this is an opportunity to spend a weekend learning from the Founder of the Tracy System of Kenpo and from his first generation Black Belts.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to train with all these instructors in one place at one time and at a reasonable price!


We will be offering three break out seminars for those who are interested in specialized training.

LMS 2017 Breaking Workshop GM Jefferson Davis

1.  Iron Palm Breaking with Grand Master Jefferson Davis!  This workshop is an hour long and includes 15 concrete 6-scalop edgers for breaking, per person.  Additional concrete blocks are available for $3 each.  The class consists of detailed information on hand conditioning (Chinese v's Okinawan), parts of the body used in breaking, breaking techniques (spacers or no spacers!), sample breaks on 1-3 blocks using each these techniques and a big break at the end (4-8 blocks) which will be video taped for you in regular and slow motion for you to take home!  Cost for the workshop including the 15 blocks and videotaping is $75.




GM Bart Vale LMS 2016 Standing

2.  Shootfighting with Grandmaster Bart Vale! 

"The short course".
2 hours on Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm.  Cost for the 2 hour workshop is $75.  If you are registered for the Kenpo weekend then this Saturday portion of the Shootfighting training is included in your registration price at no additional charge!
3.  Shootfighting with Grandmaster Bart Vale!

"The long course". 
12-15 hours.  For those interested in adding Shootfighting to their dojo programming or for those who just want to see where the "rubber meets the road" in competitive MMA fighting.  This is a unique opportunity to do some semi private/group instruction with one of the founders of MMA.  GM Bart will be offering a complete training program for beginner through advanced certification (depending on your level of expertise and experience) starting on Thursday.  This training will consist of 2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon on both Thursday and Friday and then two hours on Saturday for a total of 12 hours of training for $1200.  This includes both individual and school licensing fees for Shootfighting.  An optional add-on session for Sunday is available (add $300) after a discussion with GM Vale. 

If you are registered for the Kenpo weekend then the 2 hour Saturday portion of the training is included in your registration price!


We will also be holding several FREE training sessions as a part of our community outreach program!

1.  Tai Chi in the Park! 
with Master Landa Miller, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7-8am.

Lms 2016 Tai Chi Group Landa Miller Chamberlain Studios

2.  Combat Fitness! 
with sensei Jimmy Mathis, on Friday and Saturday mornings from 8-9am.

Kenpo Fitness Jimmy Mathis

3.  Kids Martial Arts class with Bully Self Defense!

with Grand Masters George and Patrice Lim, Saturday morning concurrent with the Women's Self Defense workshop 11am-12:30pm


Participants in the Kenpo weekend are welcome to join us for any and/all of these events!