Kids Halloween Party!

Saturday October 26th, 2019

Every year we host our exciting Halloween Party!  This is a great annual event that starts off with a kids costume contest, our karate parents are the judges and we have prizes for Scariest, Funniest, Best Home-Made, Best Boys' and Best Girls' Costumes.  

Halloween Party 2018 Costumes

Costumes from Hallween Party 2018 - view more photos from 2018 on our Facebook page!

Then we put away all the swords, stars, ninja weapons and Grim Reaper equipment and have a fun karate workout with our instructors.

Next, we go outside (weather permitting) and we have a family pumpkin carving contest.  How big a pumpkin should you bring?  We tell the kids they can bring what they can carry!  Prizes for Scariest, Funniest, Grossest and most creative!

Grossest Pumpkin 2015

One of the 2 "Grossest Pumpkin" winners from the 2015 Halloween Party

If we are outside for the event, then we have a pumpkin seed spitting contest with a marked off range.  If we are inside the dojo then we decided to skip this contest....!

Next is the apple bobbing contest, run on traditional competition rules.

After the kids are dried off from bobbing for apples they can grab a plate and get something from the pot-luck snack table.  When you first arrive at the dojo, put your snacks on the table by the door and they are there for the end of the party.  This usually consists of cookies, pigs in a blanket, donuts, cakes, sausages, cheese and crackers, fruit sticks, etc.  


What to bring:

  • Costume
  • Pumpkin for carving and maybe your favorite tools, but no big scary kitchen knives please!
  • Dry clothes if your kid is an apple bobbing diver!
  • Food for the Pot-Luck snack table

See you there!