Kodokan Judo - CSSD Tamura Judo Program


Theodore Schwalm and  Brent Smith (both Sandan in Judo) of  Jita Kyoei Dojo (Tamura Judo Program at Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense), completed and metaled in five Judo Kata (1 Gold, 1 Silver & 3 Bronze medals each) at the Fukuda International Judo Kata Championships in San Francisco, CA, USA, on October 15, 2016. Judo Kata is competed in as a two person team, a Tori (applying the techniques) and an Uke (who the techniques are applied to), both members of the team receiving a medal. Special thanks to  Blane Bellerud for the pictures.

Congratulations Theo & Bruno!

Bruno and Theo 1st Place 2016

Bruno and Theo 2nd Place 2016

Sensei And Nick Throw2    

The CSSD Tamura Judo Programâ„¢ is named after sensei Vince Tamura, one of the highest ranked Judoka in the United States (seen above with professor Chamberlain), and the teacher to most of our Judo instructors.  The program consists of three classes per week and is overseen by Sensei Jim Webb.

The class is team taught by senseis Bill Parker, Kamil Kuroda and Glen Robinson.  The program utilizes the USJA curriculum for both juniors and adults.

Sensei Jim Webb (a USJA 7th degree Black Belt, kneeling and throwing below) directs the program.   If you are new to Judo, this class will give you the fundamentals you need to succeed in Judo.  If you have experience or prior training, then this class will help you to perfect your skills and technique under a master instructor.  Testing is done on a quarterly basis with information on requirements, costs, etc. in the library.

Sensei And Jim And Nick     Sensei Kamil Kuroda And Theo Schwalm2

Sensei Kamil Kuroda has 30 years in Judo and brings a warm, capable teaching style to the class.  This is a traditional Kodokan Judo program following USJA guidelines. 

Class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:30pm and Saturdays for matwork from 12:30-2:30pm

Tuition is $135/month