Family Workout Day at Chamberlain Studios

Lakewood Dojo Location:  Kids Age 4-6 Saturday 8:45a - 9:15a
     Kids Age 7-11 (Beginner) Saturday 9:30a - 10:15a
     Tweens (Beginner) Saturday 11a - 11:45a 

Bachman Lake Dojo Location: Kids Age 4-6 Saturday 9a - 9:30a
   Kids Age 7-11 (Beginner) Saturday 9:30a - 10:15a
   Tweens (Beginner) Saturday 10:15a - 11a


On the last Saturday of the month, we have "Family Workout Day" at most of our studio locations.  Family day is a fun workout designed to introduce you the parent, to the Kids Curriculum through a "hands on" approach.  Your instructor will give an overview of the material being covered in the coming month as well as the character virtue and safety topic for the month.  You will have a chance to practice the coming month's new material and ask questions and get teaching and safety tips. 

This class is perfect for new karate families to meet our instructors, check out our facilities, try out a class and get additional information and schedules.

Parents and family members are invited to participate in their respective kids classes (see schedules for class timess).  Older brothers and sisters may also jump in and share the fun.  The class is similar to a regular children's class except with the parents helping their kids with their techniques, holding the pads, and wrestling etc. (get ready for a tough match!)  Watch out for younger brothers as they seem to have a score to settle!

Also, we will show you how to safely practice the material with your children, along with some teaching pointers that make things simpler to remember and practice.

Family Workout Day Lakewood2

Come to class ready to work out!  For workout clothes, a t-shirt and sweat pants are usually a safe bet.  If you were a martial artist in a previous life (college maybe) you are welcome to wear your old karate outfit and belt.  If it doesn't fit any more... then may I recommend our day or evening adult classes to get you back to fighting weight!

If you enjoy "Family Workout Day" and think you might enjoy being in class or training with your child on a more regular basis, you may be interested in private classes or even in learning to help with other classes through our Instructor Training Program.  Talk to one of the instructors and they will give you more information.

Double Trouble Parent Day Family Workout

Remember, your kids are always ready to help out with your workouts!