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Personalized instruction.  World class coaching.  Expert knowledge.  Medical testing and oversight.   These are the things that make the Chalkline Fitness™ workout not just different... but better!  

CHALKLINE FITNESS™ brought together a unique panel of experts and coaches including: Canadian Olympic boxer, Martin Mezzera; Dr. Paul McDonough, PhD., professor of Exercise Physiology at UTA; and martial arts master, Dr. Nick Chamberlain.  These experts created an exclusive strength and conditioning program incorporating the most advanced training practices from elite trainers around the world. 

These include skills taken from such diverse areas as the martial arts, boxing, progressive resistance training, yoga, plyometrics, and interval training.  The combination of these training systems with world class personalized coaching and medical testing and oversight, makes Chalkline™ a one-of-a-kind experience!

Expect a fun, exciting, results oriented workout, that will increase your strength, stamina, flexibility, aerobic conditioning and coordination!  Improvements in these areas will result in the many rewards of a vigorous exercise program... Looking, feeling and performing better in all areas of your life!

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The Chalkline Fitness workout (formerly CrossFight™) is awarded 2008's " The Best Sweat in Dallas"
by the Dallas Observer Magazine!  This is what they had to say.  Thanks Dallas Observer!

   "After a year of boot camp workouts elsewhere, we thought we were ready for this. Then the CrossFight class started. Running, crawling, kicking, punching, push-ups, sit-ups, jump-rope, weights. It's a killer 90 minutes that tests every muscle in the body and produces more sweat than a group hug at NFL training camp.

At a dojo tucked into a woodsy corner of Bachman Lake, martial arts master Dr. Nick Chamberlain and Canadian Olympic boxer Martin Mazzera take students through an intense, well-thought-out program of exercise that combines aerobics, plyometrics, interval training, self-defense, kickboxing and martial arts. Halfway through each class, everyone heads toward the lake for a "horse and rider" run (or in our case, slog) up and down a steep hill.

In 90 days the training significantly pares fat, improves conditioning and strength, and takes students from slugs to sluggers. Sounds grueling-and it is-but it's also surprisingly fun. And the friendly atmosphere at the studio makes out-of-shape newcomers feel welcome. Students range from schoolkids to women in their 60s. Best part of the workout? When it's over you feel like you've really taken that first step toward getting in the best shape of your life".


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Classes meet in Lakewood in East Dallas on Tuesday & Thursday nights from 7-8:15pm at Chamberlain Studios - Lakewood, at: 2114 Kidwell Street, Dallas, TX 75214 and on Saturday mornings from 7:30 - 8:45am at Chamberlain Studios Headquarters in Northwest Dallas at: 2739 Bachman Drive, Dallas, TX 75220.

You do not need to be in shape to begin this program! 

We will take you from your starting point and help you meet your goals.


Seen below is John Laurinski as "Wolverine" as he completes the 2013 Tough Mudder event.  Clawing their way out of the mud behind him is his wife sensei Kellyn (far left) who is the Program Director and one of our instructors here at Chamberlain Studios, and their friends!  John credits the fitness classes with helping him prepare for the event.  Congratulations guys!

John as Wolverine in the Tough Mudder 10.26.13