Chamberlain Studios Locations

A dojo is the school or physical building in which karate instruction takes place.  Chamberlain Studios has two main training facilities in Dallas dedicated to martial arts instruction and several other recreation centers and training facilities in the DFW metroplex. 

In addition, we have many after school karate programs held on-site at both public and private schools.

Also, we are pleased to have several affiliate schools around the country.


Cssd _bachman _hombu _dojo _dallas

Love Field Dojo

We are particularly proud of our headquarters/Hombu dojo, as we believe it to be one of the finest martial-arts training facilities in the entire Southwest.

The Love Field dojo is centraly located just minutes away from Irving and Las Colinas.  We are right off Loop 482 by the old Dallas Cowboys stadium, 35E and Northwest Highway.  We are worth the 10 minute drive!

The headquarters school serves as the center for teaching/instruction in Gasan Ryu Kenpo and for many of our social events such as our annual tournament, Samurai Movie Night and our annual Pumpkin Carving Party! Check our Events page for a complete calendar listing of events.  To register for classes or to come by and visit call: 214-351-5367. 

Class Schedule - Love Field/Hombu Dojo

Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense™ headquarters school (Hombu dojo), is situated on Bachman Drive, which cuts off the Southeast corner of Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel Extension (signposted as Webb Chapel EXT not to be confused with Webb Chapel Road just to the East).

The Headquarters school is located opposite the Bachman Recreation Center and next door to the American Legion.  As soon as you get onto Webb Chapel Extension going south from Northwest Highway, you can see the studio in front of you on the left hand side.  The dojo has a 20 foot yellow sign on the end that says  KARATE, you can't miss it!

You can park at the Recreation Center across the street if we are full.  If you follow this link to MapQuest, you can print out good directions to the Studio or use the ones below:  Get directions from MapQuest


Lakewood DojoCssd Lakewood Dojo

In East Dallas, in the heart of Lakewood at: 2114 Kidwell Street, Dallas.  This is a full time studio with martial arts and fitness classes 6 days a week - lunchtime, afternoons and evenings for men, women and children.  Group and private instruction is offerred.  We are just by the intersection of Gaston and Abrams accross from Whole Foods Market.  We have two floors of training, a full kitchen for events and upstairs Dr. Chamberlain also has a small Chiropractic office to fix those aches and pains!  To register for classes call: 214-351-5367

Class Schedule - Lakewood Dojo


West Side Dojo

North Richland Hills - Life Church, 7850 Davis Blvd N Richland Hills, TX 76182

Ages 4 - 6
              Tuesday 6:30 - 7:00      Saturday: 9:00 - 9:45

Ages 7 - 13            Tuesday 7:15 - 8:00      Saturday: White - Orange 10:00 - 10:45 
                                                                                      Purple - Brown 11:00 - 11:45

Adult Classes       Tuesday 8:00 - 9:00      Saturday: 12:00 - 1:00

Head Instructor, sensei Shane Whitehead
Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings
To register for classes call sensei Les Gallenstein at: 817-791-8586


After School Karate Programs:

Mockingbird Elementary dojo:Stonewall Group3
Mockingbird Elementary School (Kids classes at I-75 and Mockingbird)
Head Instructor, sensei Kory Helfman & sensei Adam Plake
Download the Spring 2019 Registration form HERE! 


The Learning Tree dojo:
The Learning Tree preschool (preschool kids)
Head Instructor, shihan Rollend Nery
Download the Spring 2019 Registration form HERE! 


St. John's dojo
St. John's Episcopal School (Kids 4-12)
Head Instructor, sensei Morgan Martinez


Greenhill dojo
Greenhill School (Kids 4-12)
Head Instructor, shihan Rollend Nery 


Good Shepherd dojo
Good Shepherd Episcopal School (Kids 4-12)
Head Instructor, sensei Kellyn Laurinski


Lake Highlands dojoDavinci After School Karate 2012
Lake Highlands Elementary School, Richardson ISD (Elementary kids classes)
Head Instructor, Sensei Leighanne Gormley
Download the Spring 2019 Registration form HERE! 


Wesley Prep dojo
Wesley Prep, North Dallas
Head Instructor, professor Nick Chamberlain
Download the Spring 2019 Registration Form HERE! 


Hyer dojo
Wesley Prep Karate After School Program 2 2012

Hyer Elementary, Highland Park
Head Instructor, sensei Tom Ballinger


Merriman Park dojo
Merriman Park Elementary, Dallas
Head Instructor, sensei Kellyn Laurinski
Download the Spring 2019 Registration form HERE! 


Preston Hollow dojo
Preston Hollow Elementary, Dallas
Head Instructor, sensei Chris Matlock
Download the Spring 2019 Registration form HERE!

Parish Episcopal dojo
Parish Episcopal School, Lower Campus (Hillcrest), North Dallas
Head Instructor, sensei Kellyn Laurinski

Parish Episcopal dojo
Parish Episcopal School, Upper Campus (Midway), North Dallas
Head Instructor, sensei Mea McMahon


Don't see your school on the list?  Call us to see how we can start a karate after school program at your school!



Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense affiliate schools:

Omaha, Nebraska - Elite Academy of Martial Arts, teaching Nick Cerio's Kenpo,
Kevin Hooker, Mark and Greg Fountain, senseis


Loveland, Colorado - CSSD Loveland, Loveland Colorado,
Steve and Diana Whiting, senseis


Dracut, Massachusetts - Dracut Kenpo Karate, Dracut, Massachusetts,
George Thibault, shihan


Peabody, Massachusetts - D & A Martial Arts and Fitness, Peabody, Mass.
Alan Klapman, sensei