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     Kids Holiday Party 2016

    Has your child fallen a bit behind on their stripes this semester?  Need to sharpen up their techniques before the end of the year?  JOIN US for our Winter Ninja Catch-Up Camp!


     Winter Ninja Camp 2016 Flyer


    Warrior Weekend 2016 is in the books, and what a weekend it was!!

     Warrior Weekend 2016 Group

    Chamberlain Studios would like to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of the new ranks earned at Warrior Weekend!

    Mudansha Ranks (Colored Belts)

    Scott Anderson - Yellow
    Coletin Smith - Yellow
    Adam Plake - Orange
    Leighanne Gormley - Orange
    Jett Ubben - Purple
    De'Edra Williams - Purple
    Jason Siegel - Purple
    Sarah Switzer - Blue
    Kendal Ross - Blue
    Marlon McMakin - Blue
    Grace Sunio - Green
    Caleb Easterwood - Green
    Jonathan Venechanos - Brown 3
    Mea McMahon - Brown 3
    Shay Ometz - Brown 3
    Genevieve Petersen - Brown 1
    Jesse Hill - Brown 1

    Yudansha Ranks (Ranks In Black Belt)

    Morgan Martinez - Shodan (1st Degree)
    Jason Solorzano - Shodan (1st Degree)
    Joe Mendoza - Shodan (1st Degree)
    Wes Davis - Shodan (1st Degree)
    Tricia Finley - Shodan (1st Degree)
    Tom Holden - Shodan (1st Degree)
    Sensei Steven Rountree - Nidan (2nd Degree & Sensei Designation) & Nidan (Karazenpo Goshinjutsu)
    Sensei Gina Robinson - Nidan (2nd Degree & Sensei Designation)
    Sensei Glenn Robinson - Nidan (2nd Degree & Sensei Designation)
    Sensei Kellyn Laurinski - Yondan (4th Degree)

    And, a big CONGRATULATION to Shihan Rollend Nery who celebrated his promotion to Rokudan (6th Degree) in Gasan Ryu Kenpo (Promoted at Last Man Standing in August), with a terrific demonstration of his skills.  Congratulations Shihan Rollend!

    Shihan Rollend Demo 

    A very special thank you to Grandmaster Ted Sumner and Master Henry Childers who traveled to be with us!  
    In addition, we'd like to thank the following esteemed out of town guests who helped make this weekend such a fun & successful event!

    Shihan George Thibault - Dracut Kenpo Karate (Dracut, MA)
    Sensei Taryn Riley - Dracut Kenpo Karate (Dracut, MA)
    Shihan Kiyoshi Takeuchi - (New York, NY)
    Sensei Mark Fountain - Elite Academy of Martial Arts (Omaha, NE)
    Sensei Greg Fountain - Elite Academy of Martial Arts (Omaha, NE)
    Sensei Dawn Fountain - Elite Academy of Martial Arts (Omaha, NE) 
    Sensei Scott Robinson - (Bryan, TX)
    Sensei Jen Ross - (Bryan, TX)



    What an awesome weekend we had!! Last Man Standing 2016 was a success! Thank you again to all the Grandmasters & Masters for sharing your kenpo with us. Thank you to ALL the students who participated! Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more photos from the event!

    Al Tracy LMS 2016 Sunday 8.21.16

    GGM Al Tracy Last Man Standing 2016 - Sunday 8.21.16 

    A portion of the proceeds from our "Last Man Standing Tribute Seminars to Al Tracy" will be donated to the "Assist The Officer Foundation" of Dallas, TX.  To benefit the families of our fallen police officers.  See their website here for more information about the Foundation.

    And visit our  event page for more information regarding next year's Last Man Standing Seminar Series!

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